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Railroad Video Rentals from Clear Signal Video - Web Site under reconstruction


We hope this page will answer some of the questions you may have about Clear Signal's rental system. If you have a question that isn't covered here, email it to us using the link at the bottom of the page.

Q. What if a video is lost in the mail, either coming to me or on the way back to you?

A. We dont hold you responsible for things that happen to videos while they are not in your actual possession.

Q. Suppose I decide to quit. Do I have to rent all the videos on my request list?

A. No. You can quit at any time, with no obligation.

Q. I have some videos that Id like to trade in against rentals. How does that work?

A. Let us know what you have or send us the videos for review. For each one we keep, we send you three credit rental coupons, i.e., you get to rent three cassettes for each one you trade in. We accept previously viewed producers original cassettes only, NO pirated copies.

Q. I shot some footage with my own video camera that Id like to see in your collection. Do you accept amateur tapes?

A. Yes. Send in your tape for review. Be as objective as you can about your own work people dont want to see really shaky, out of focus home videos (or 120 minutes of the same train doing switching moves), but if you have watchable footage theres a good chance we will accept it.

Q. Can I copy your videos for my own use?

A. You KNOW you're not supposed to do that. It hurts the producers and it could lead to criminal proceedings against you.

Q. What if I want to use United Parcel Service instead of USPS?

A. You can send your videos back to us using UPS (street address is 4207 Mills Rd., Sharpsburg, MD 21782) but we don't use UPS for outgoing shipments.

Q. Hey, you sent me this tape before! I don't need to rent it twice!

A. Alas, we've been known to screw up. But we don't send out duplicates on purpose, and if we do mess up, no payment is expected for that tape. Just put a note in with it telling us of our error.

Q. I saw a notice in a train video that rental was prohibited. Is what you are doing legal?

A Yes. There is a section of the Copyright law that specifically permits the rental of copyrighted videotapes, provided that the copy in question is a legally obtained producer's original. This is called the Right Of First Sale and is a legal cornerstone of the video rental industry.

Q. There are one or two videos on my list that I've been waiting for a long, long time. Are you ever going to send them?

A. Sometimes the last copy of a title in our catalog goes missing. We don't remove it from the catalog right away, because a) it might turn up, b) we might replace it with a new copy, or c) we aren't aware that it's missing. If you requested one of these, we'll send a copy eventually or we'll post it as withdrawn. (Maybe I'll add a page to this web site for missing videos, begging for replacement copies of the titles I can't find.)

Q. Why is there a date written on the materials you provide for mailing my returning videos?

A. This is NOT so we can charge you late fees! The date shows when we processed your file, and enables us to clear your record quickly when we receive your returns.

Note: This page is under construction. As more good questions are posed, we will post them here.

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