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Railroad Video Rentals from Clear Signal Video - Web Site under reconstruction

Contemporary Passenger

CATALOG NUMBER is given first, followed by SUBJECT CODE, TITLE, PRODUCER, RUN TIME(if known), and DESCRIPTION. Some entries are incomplete; eventually I'll write all the descriptions.

1666 CP 1997 Railfan Day at Conway Scenic RR Lejonhud ?

1550 CP Adirondack, The A.S.R.J. 54

2087 CP Alaska Railroad Reader's Digest Scenic Rail Journeys 50 A scenic rail journey from Anchorage to Fairbanks and Seward, crossing America's last frontier, with many interesting stops including Denali National Park, Mt. McKinley, Hurricane Bridge, etc.

1589 CP Algoma Central Tour Trains Rail Innovations 30

895 CP All Aboard Amtrak Staedleman Engineering 120

1282 CP MS All Aboard: Pass Trns in America Kaw Valley 58

890 CP ED CD Along the Hudson Division Pentrex 60

1811 CP/MS MS America By Rail - East Coast Winter Wonderland Countertop Video '96 90 Amtrak Cardinal, New River Gorge, vignettes of C&O #614, Pere Marquette #1225, NKP #765, and Milwaukee Road #261.

1613 CP America By Rail - Route of the Southwest Chief Countertop Video '97 90

1292 CP America by Rail - The West Coast Countertop Video 90

651 CP Amtrak 20, 1971 - 1991 Revelation 75

1375 CP Amtrak Across America Pentrex 30

1107 CP CD CR Amtrak Surfline Video Rails '92 60

540 CP Amtrak Winter Trip Staedleman 120

1805 CP Amtrak, Vol. 1 Midwest Video Productions '99 60 BN, SF, SP, IC, UP locations around St. Louis. Many, many trains! Train log accompanies.

1849 CP Amtrak, Vol. 3 - Capitol Limited, Washington DC to Chicago Midwest Video Prod., '99 60 A trip on Amtrak #29, DC to Pittsburgh on the former B&O and Pittsburgh to Chicago over the old NYC and PRR. Many scenes shot from an open vestibule.

2097 CP Amtrak's Auto Train Pentrex '94 75 Pentrex features the Washington D.C. to Florida passenger train that brings the passengers' cars along. All aspects of the operation are covered. See why passengers return year after year to ride this famous train.

1872 CP Amtrak's California Zephyr, Second Section Green Frog '94 40 Using scenes shot for, but not used in, John Yeager's acclaimed program about the California Zephyr, this video has cab scenes, runbys, spectacular scenery, all captioned on-screen with no narrarion.

1027 CP CD MS Amtrak's Harrisburg Line Railroad Video 60 Trackside tour of former electrified line between Philadelphia and Harrisburg. Amtrak, Conrail, SEPTA, Strasburg RR

819 CP Amtrak's Northeast Corridor, New York City To Philadelphia Pentrex '92 80
820 CP CR Amtrak's Northeast Corridor, Philadelphia To Washington D.C. Pentrex '92 80

988 CP Arizona Central Verde River RR/Grand Canyon RR Pearson Prod. 60

1859 CP Autumn In The Canadian Rockies Pearson, R. '97 120 Rail enthusiast Jack Pearson takes his digital camera along on a chartered trip through British Columbia, Yukon Territory, Thunder Ridge, etc., on the famous RDCs.

1998 CP BC Rail, Starlight To Budweiser Revelation 87 A look at the diverse passenger services provided by B.C. Railway, including the Pacific Starlight Dinner Train, the "Buddwiser" School Train,, the "Royal Hudson" and the "Caribou Prospector".

628 CP Black Diamond To Gaspe Revelation 104

2013 CP Blue Ridge Scenic Railway Trackside 60 All about current operations on the Blue Ridge Scenic, with a cab ride, trackside scenes, and full narrative. It's like taking the trip yourself.

1109 CP CD BN's Race Track - The E-units Roger Holmes 86

1033 CP C&IM Special: Return of the Heavyweights C&IM Chapter, NRHS 29 A trip over the C&IM mainline

1538 CP Canada (World's Greatest Train Ride Videos) 84

466 CP Canada's Showcase Revelation 112

2088 CP Canadian Rockies And The Adirondack Reader's Digest Scenic Rail Journeys 50 Rocky Mountain scenery is the keynote, from Jasper to Prince Rupert Harbor, with a helicopter ride above Glacier Fields and more. Then ride the Adirondack through beautiful old mountains, along the Hudson River, and on to Montreal.

1549 CP Canadian Rockies, The AmericanScenic Rail Journeys 54

1551 CP Coast Starlight, The A.S.R.J. 54

1869 CP Commuter Rail Iver Jacobsen Here's a nifty model railroad action tape, without narrationb, showing numerous passenger trains in action, as many as four at once, plus long freights, operating on Iver's great Santa Fe layout.

1888 CP Dayliner One and Snowtrain BC Rail/Pentrex 37 Two beautifully produced travelogs of the BC Rail System. Stainless steel Budd cars cover the marvelously scenic line serving numerous British Columbia tourist destinations.

934 CP Empire Builder, 2nd Edition Green Frog 40

866 CP Empire Builder, The Green Frog 48

987 CP Feather River/Royal Gorge PRS Excursion Pearson Prod. 109

943 CP Great Canadian Train Ride International Travel Films 80

704 CP Greenbrier Limited, The Revelation '91 60

937 CP Hub, The Essex 60
1823 CP Hudson River Lines, The Railroad Video Prod. 60 Water Level Route - Yonkers, Irvington, Philipse Manor, Terrytown, Croton-Harmon, Peekskill. F-9 diesels, M-1 and M-2 electrics, Amtrak turbo train.

1880 CP Inside The Belt Railway of Chicago MVP '96 60 The best feature of this interesting tape is its coverage of BRC's classification yard, with its bi-directional hump. You'll tour the full-service engine house, see the dispatching center, and withness other yard activities up close.

1513 CP ED Jersey Diesels: NJT's Fleet of Commuter Diesels Mark I 60

837 CP TR Light Rail Transit: A Proven Alternative Transit Gloria Mundi '90 15
1219 CP Los Angeles Metrolink System R. Pearson 40

1410 CP MARC Railroading, Summer 1994 Iron Horse Am 85

1348 CP Metrolink Goes to the Ventura Fair Laner Rail 50

1963 CP Monorails Of Japan Pentrex not yet reviewed

601 CP Napa Valley Wine Train Pentrex 30

2011 CP New Hampshire Steam RRs/Strasburg RR Goldhill 60 Title says it all: tours of two of the east's most outstanding tourist railroads. Been there? Relive the experience with this tape. Not going? Rent this tape instead and say you went.

2086 CP FR New Worlds, Old Worlds Reader's Digest '00 56 A well-produced video for the whole family, this program takes us on a scenic tour of the USA, Mexico, and South America. Macchu Pichu, Chichen Itza, and other interesting destinations are covered.

1690 CP NORCAL's Deschutes River Steam Trip R. Pearson 54

2124 CP TR NORCAL'S New England Explorer, Tape #3 Pearson Prod. '00 56 Belfast & Moosehead Lake RDC; Maine Narrow Gauge; Kennebunk Trolley Museum. New Junction, Reno, NV. California Zephyr in the Sierra Nevadas. Christmas Trolley trip. Clear digital video , with Jack's inimitable narration.

2071 CP MS NORCAL's New England Explorer, Tape 1 Pearson Prod. '00 55 Jack films out the window and keeps up a flow of charming commentary as we visit Boston, the "T" System, Riverside Shops, Palmer, MA, White River Junction, NH, The Hobo RR, North Conway, Alton Bay, etc. A pleasant and relaxing tour.

1155 CP CD Northeast Corridor, Pt. II Railroad Video Productions '87 60

1581 CP Northwest Talgo: A Tilt Towards Rail Locomotion 30

1017 CP CR On The Go: Commuter Rail in Toronto Crescent Glen 51

911 CP Pacific Railroad Society San Diego Trip 12-91 Pearson Productions 52

1023 CP Passenger Trains Midwest, 1990 Sevrail ?

869 CP Pittsburgh: The Last Commuter R. McElrath 25

1096 CP ED CD Railroad Video Quarterly, Feb. 1994 Revelation 120

1110 CP CD MS Railroad Video Quarterly, Vol. 2, No. 2, May 1993 Revelation 120

1999 CP VS Rails On Vancouver Island Revelation 60 A mix of rail operations including the 'Malahat' RDC's, The British Columbia Forest Museum, CP freight, Canfor steam, vintage looging films and barge operations.

679 CP Railscapes Revelation 110

1502 CP Rocky Mountaineer Revelation 60

1622 CP Scenic Train Rides of Maine, V. 2 Lejonhud(A) ?

2006 CP Scenic Train Rides Of Nevada 1997 Lejonhud (A) 65 'Slippin & Slidin on the Virginia & Truckee R.R.', Nevada State Railroad Museum

1776 CP Surf Line Commuters Valhalla '98 90 Amtrak, Metrolink, and Coaster Trains, Los Angeles/San Diego

1149 CP CD The ICE Train: A Renaissance on Rails Siemans '94 48 The high speed train's American debut in 1993.

1408 CP To the Northern Lights Revelation 60

2137 CP Tracking the Silverliners Trainfans.com '00 60 This program covers non-stop run-by action of SEPTA MU's at Pennsylvania spots including Johnstown, Wayne, Bryn Mawr, and 30th St. Station. Some Amtrak trains are included.

1639 CP CD Train Watcher's Diary, Vol 13 RR Video '92 60

2010 CP Trains Unlimited Tours, North America Trains Unlimited 90 Not yet reviewed

676 CP MS Trainwatcher Six Deluz 60

1218 CP CD Trip to Wash DC via NY R. Pearson ?

933 CP VIA Rail - The Final Seven Days Video Classics 70

521 CP VIA Rail Supercontinental Pearson, R. 75

1671 CP White Pass & Yukon Route White Pass & Yukon 30

1748 CP Workin' On The Coast Starlight Pentrex '98 42

875 CP You AUTO Take A Train Revelation 60 Go behind the scenes on a 1992 ride and watch the first AutoTrain in 1981. Complete coverage of 1983 operations, upstairs, downstairs, trackside.

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