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Vintage Steam

CATALOG NUMBER is given first, followed by SUBJECT CODE, TITLE, PRODUCER, RUN TIME(if known), and DESCRIPTION. Some entries are incomplete; eventually I'll write all the descriptions

1973 VS 50's Memories Of The Rio Grande Narrow Gauge Green Frog 50 An enthralling program of vintage color films of revenue operations on the DRGW narrowgauge. Black Canyon, Marshall Pass, Salida, and the Farmington Branch are some of the locations visited.

2208 VS Age of Steam Railroads, The Motor Classics '98 60 Film of steam locomotives and the trains they pulled, assembled from various sources, color and b&w.

1015 VS ED Albert Lea Line, 1936-1960 PhotoDesign 98

1625 VS ED All Aboard Series, Vol. 2 Pentrex '98 120

1626 VS ED All Aboard Series, Vol. 3 Pentrex '98 120

15 VS Allegheny Rails, Vol. 1 - The B&O WB Video 60 Wow! Here's a full hour of B&O steam and FA diesel freight and passenger runpasts shot in 1953-1954. Includes the big EM 12-8-8-4. Big Six 2-10-2, Pacifics and Q-1 s, mostly at Sand Patch and the west part of the Cumberland Division.

206 VS Allegheny Rails, Vol. 2: The Western Maryland WB Video 52 Filmed during the same period as Vol. 1 (Clear Signal # 15), from Cumberland to Connellsville and on the Elkins Subdivision. See Challengers, Decapods, Potomacs (4-8-4) and Pacifics, all in regular service.

1300 VS MR Appalachian Coal Country, Modelling Loco. Prod ?

2074 VS Around The Narrow Gauge Circle Machines Of Iron '98 60 Wonderful films of Otto Perry and Irv August, from the days of actual operation. The D&RG's original mainline over Marshall Pass, then west of Gunnison through the Black Canyon to Cimarron, much more. Augmented by great b&w 19th Century photos.

957 VS Articulateds In Appalachia Sunday River 38

219 VS As It Used To Be Sunday River 29 Here are the GS4 and GS6 daylights50s as they looked in regular service, in black, all color, on freight and commuter runs in the 50s and 60s, doubleheading with

574 VS ED Association Of American RR Series Pentex 75

1413 VS RH Atlanta Railroads - Their History Green Frog 60

487 VS B&M Memories, Vol. 1 B&MRRHS 75

491 VS B&M Memories, Vol. 3 B&MRRHS 75

2108 VS ED B&O Odyssey, Vol. 1 Pentrex '00 60 1950's and 1960's action in Ohio and Pennsylvania, starting with steam in 1954 and continuing into the early diesel era. The 'Cincinnatian' is amply covered, along with several other name trains, and many NYC, C&O, and various B&O heralds are seen.

863 VS B&O Willard/Deschler Szwajkart 60

776 VS ED Baltimore & Ohio: In Transition Revelation '92 65

20 VS Baltimore and Ohio Steam Sunday River 80 Excellent color film from the 40s and 50s shows B&O steam at the height of its glory in Ohio and Indiana. Concentrates on the T-3 Northern, but doesn't neglect Pacifics & Mallets.

687 VS CD Battle Up Sherman Hill, The Video Rails 60

23 VS Berkshires & Hudsons/Boston & Albany Blackhawk 30 Photographed between 1936 and 1951, this video will warm the hearts of New England fans and steam buffs in general. Valuable footage.

1249 VS MS Best of Steam, Vol. 2 Green Frog 60

1765 VS RH Big Boys on TV Pentrex 70 B&W 1950s TV drama includes Big Boy footage

1011 VS ED Big Little Railroad Everything Video 26

261 VS Blizzards, Freights, And Streamliners Sunday River 49 This fine program features UP Northern 8444 against scenic backdrops in Idaho, Wyoming; Sherman Hill sequences are highlighted. You'll want to see this one several times.

462 VS Blue Ridge Steam WB Video 82

806 VS ED Boston & Maine In The 4 Seasons, Vol. I: Summer & Fall Herron '92 44

898 VS ED Boston & Maine in The Four Seasons, Vol. 2: Winter and Spring Herron 52

444 VS Burlington Kostecki 60

1460 VS Burlington Route Steam Odysseys Reminisce Rails 58

915 VS Canadian Steam Green Frog 25

586 VS Central Vermont in Steam, The A&R 55

1612 VS ED Century and a Half at Horseshoe Curve, A Revelation '98 60

1887 VS ED Challenge For Tomorrow Santa Fe/Pentrex 28 A Santa Fe promotional film from the mid-1950s, portraying the SF as ever ready to change with the times. Steam is represented by a few display locos, and there are ample frames of Warbonnet F-units, E-units, and Alco Pas.

214 VS Chama Turn, The Green Frog 60 Photographed in 16mm film by Emory Gulash, this portrait of the Cumbres Pass narrow gauge route in the mid-1960s is certainly one of the finest slim gauge videos around. Minimal narration and screen graphics, with stereo sound!

1317 VS ED Chicago Odyssey, Vol. 1 Green Frog 120

584 VS Classic Railroad Archives Railroad Video Prod. 60

1097 VS ED Classic Railroad Archives, Vol. 5 Railroad Video 60

1098 VS ED Classic Railroad Archives, Vol. 7 Railroad Video 60

1277 VS Classic Steam of the 20s-40s Green Frog 60

808 VS ED Clear Signal Southern Pacific/Pentrex '92 20 1950 Promotional film

54 VS Clear Track Ahead Interurban 26 An old black and white PRR promotional film that covers most aspects of railroad operations and shows us a variety of steam power in action, including the unique T-1.

208 VS Climb To Rutland, The Sunday River 27 #1246 on the regular Steamtown run up Williams River Gorge and across the mountains to Rutland. The Bicentennial Limited with CPR #1293 on the point, then see Steamtown's final run in Vermont, with #1246, 3 RS-1 s and 21 coaches.

377 VS Collectors' Series, Vol. 2 Hopewell 52 "Thundering Rails" and "Clear Track Ahead", two excellent vintage films on PRR operations from the 1840s to the 194Os. Many memorable scenes. B&W.

305 VS Colorado's Narrow Gauge Railroads Holiday 55 A well-produced and entertaining show covering four famous railroads with on-board and lineside footage, vintage films and much more. The whole family will enjoy this one.

571 VS Complete NKP Berkshire Sunday River 50

1457 VS Complete West Side Railroad Sunday River 53

1890 VS ED Daylights, Cab Forwards & Early Diesels SP/Pentrex '99 30 Here's a visual feast of early GS-class locos on the 'Noon Daylight' and 'Coast Daylight'; also cab-forwards, Mikado and Mountain types, and more. There is a section on early diesels as well.

1842 VS/ED Daylights, Cab Forwards, & Early Diesels (Southern Pacific Film Archives, Vol. 1) Pentrex '99 30 Unused footage from 'This Is My Railroad' (1941) gives us images of the 'Coast Daylight' and 'Noon Daylight' with a rare shot of the 'Sunbeam' in Texas. Cab forwards, Mikados and Mountain types also appear.

1756 VS Denver & Rio Grande Western and the Bumblebee No. 268 Green Frog '97 45 Actual operations around Alamosa, Gunnison, etc.

2076 VS DM & IR Yellowstones, Giants Of Steam Greg Scholl '99 30 16 mm films with authentic audio, shot in 1958 and 1959, show these gargantuan 2-8-8-4 locomotives at work on the Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Railway. Most scenes are runpasts of heavily loaded trains.

1897 VS Dominion Steam Revelation '90 60 The last days of Canadian steam are chronicled here, with doubleheaders west of Guelph Junction, Ont., 4-6-4s in freight and excursion service, CN 4-8-4s in freight and passenger service, plus Hudsons, switchers, and more.

2023 VS RO Donald Krofta's New York Central, Vol. 2 Herron 56 16mm action photography of the NYC in the early 1950's. Mohawks, Hudsons, Mikados, and switchers are seen, at locations in Ohio and Indiana.

1609 VS VP Dream Trains, Short Hops and Whistle Stops Sentimental 50

1299 VS East Broad Top Green Frog 100

710 VS VP Erie Steam, Vol. 1: Commuter Power Mark I '91 43

711 VS ED Erie Steam, Vol. 2: Mainline Action Mark I '91 45

78 VS ED Fast Freight Rolling Dudley 19 Publicity film, circa 1953, about the Western Maryland Railway

79 VS ED TR Fifties Express, The WB Video '87 52 B&O, PRR, N&W, CV, NKP, WM, Virginian, B&M, Edaville, New Haven, DM&IR, more

1241 VS Freight to Tidewater A&R Prod. 15

224 VS Gears In The Woods Sunday River 28 Shays, Heislers, the Climax and assorted rod engines are featured in this look at logging operations in the West. No tourist trains! See them straining over narrow gauge trackage with heavy loads of logs.

671 VS Gerald M. Best's 1927 Steam Odyssey Interurban 20

1774 VS Glory Machines 5 Herron '90 44 Many different midwestern and southern railroads in the 40s 50s and 60s

83 VS Glory Machines, The Herron 64 A masterfully produced video painstakingly crafted from old 16mm film, this show covers a broad mix of US railroads 1930-1960 and is outstanding in every respect. Now considered a classic video.

84 VS Glory Machines, Vol. 2 Herron 73 Color film from the 40s, 50s, and 60s showing a wide variety of steam and first generation diesels in regular service.

337 VS ED Glory Machines, Vol. 3 Herron 47 John Plicta's films of Midwest railroads in the 30s and 40s. Milwaukee Road. C&NW, CB&Q, Illinois Central, NYC, IHB, C&O, CP, CN, etc.; steam and early diesels in action.

338 VS ED Glory Machines, Vol. 4 Herron 37 "St. Louis Glory" in the 1940's: Frisco. Missouri Pacific, Wabash. L&N. Chicago & Eastern Illinois, Southern, NYC. PRR. B&O, SF. Fine vintage steam films transferred from 16mm.

443 VS GM&O Memories Holmes (A) 20

518 VS Golden Age Of Southern Pacific Steam Video Rails 30

2098 VS Golden Age Of Steam Trains Burbank '91 61 A mix of steam train segments from various sources: John Bull, Promontory Point, D&RGW, Streamliners, Challenger, Big Boy, NY World's Fair, Wood Burners of the old west, etc.

1574 VS Golden Age of Steam Trains, The Marathon 60

1755 VS Grand Island Pentrex '98 48 BN/SF, UP action in NE, with the latest diesels

1377 VS Great Northern, Vol. 1 Video Rails 45

1379 VS Great Northern, Vol. 3 Video Rails 45

475 VS Green Mountain Railroading On The Rutland & When Steam Was King Blackhawk 20 B&W

1001 VS TR Hank Griffith's Collection Video Rails 90

1427 VS Historical Features of the PRR - The S & L Story Penn Valley 42

1616 VS Hooters on the Blue Ridge Goodheart 50

406 VS VP Hudsons Along The Hudson - NYC Sunday River 35 Good coverage of NYC steam operations between New York and Chicago. with equal attention to freight and passenger. Color, narrated.

1976 VS Lackawanna Steam Vol. I Mark I 45 A tour of the Main Line to Port Morris, the Boonton & Gladstone Lines, and steam on various other connecting lines. Ferry ride, Hoboken Terminal, and a 1948 fantrip.

1977 VS Lackawanna Steam Vol. II Mark I 45 Tour of the Main Line to Elmira, NY, with steam action on grades in the Poconos, with pushers & doubleheaders, steam on the Sussex and Washington Lines, Ithaca Branch, etc. Many rare locomotives are seen.

940 VS Last Of The Giants, Vol. 3, Sherman Hill Pentrex 70

1537 VS Last of the Giants, Vol. II: The Cheyenne Shops Pentrex '93 60 These scenes were filmed in the 1950s, in and around the Union Pacific yards at Cheyenne, WY. Tours of the coal chute and servicing areas, the turntable, and the backshops.

779 VS Last Of The Giants: Union Pacific's Big Boys Pentrex '92 25

682 VS Last Run Of A Cab Forward Over Donner Pass Video Rails 60

2079 VS RH Last Steam Operated Sawmill, The Green Frog '00 30 Oregon hosts the very last steam operated sawmill in the USA. This tape takes us on a tour of the sawmill, with its standard gauge railroad & vintage GP-9 diesels, and also shows the boiler house, with operating steam engines. A treat for modelers.

95 VS Last Steamers of the C & S WB Video 52 During 1958-1960, C&S's final steam, including 2-8-0s, 2-8-2s and 2-10-2s roam from Denver to Wyoming on CB&Q. Also shows a rotary snow plow in action.

629 VS Late, Great Nickel Plate, The Revelation 50

1157 VS Legends of the Blue Ridge A&R Prod. '94 60

2018 VS Lives And Times Of The 346 Colorado RR Historical Foundation 30 D&RGW narrow gauge locomotive no. 346 is a survivor, and this video traces its several incarnations since its construction at the Baldwin Works in 1881. Plenty of current action too.

1432 VS RH Locomotion, Pt. 1: Engines of Enterprise BBC '93 50

840 VS Logging Railroads Of The Sierras Pentrex '92 20

537 VS Mainline USA AAR 20

1787 VS Mallets on the Rayonier - End of Ane Era Interurban 18

2025 VS ED Memories Of The Delaware & Hudson Mark I 30 Great steam sequences on the Forest City and Ararat grades in Pennsylvania, plus yard and road action with D&H Alco diesels. Valuable vintage film.

1032 VS Memories of Steam in New England Mark I '93 30 New Haven, Central Vermont, and Maine Central. Color and B&W, synchronized sound.

2024 VS Memories Of Steam In The Northeast Mark I 30 Archival film of many different classes on the Lehigh Valley, Reading, Jersey Central, Lackawanna,Erie, NYC, B&M, D&H, and several Pennsylvania shortlines.

2090 VS Memories Of Steam In The Northeast, Vol. II Mark I 30 Erie RR: Jersey City Terminal; Guld Summit, Starrucca Viaduct; Englewood, NJ NYC: New Haven Lehigh & Hudson River, Boston & Albany, Boston & Maine, etc., all steam power shot in the 1930's and early 1940's.

2091 VS Memories Of Steam In The Northeast, Vol. III Mark I 30 Delaware & Hudson: 4-6-6-4 Challengers on the Carbondale Starrucca line. Maryland & Pennsylvania: 1940 fan trip Baltimore to York with 2-8-0; Huntington & Broad Top Mountain behind 2-8-0 with many scenic views.

1723 VS ED Memories of the Jersey Central, B&O, & Reading Mark I '88 30

778 VS ED Memories Of The Lehigh Valley Railroad, Vol. II: Steam And Diesel Mark I '89 30

1345 VS Memories of the PRR, V. 1, Steam Mark I 30

1620 VS ED Memories of the PRR, V. 2 Mark I '98 30

865 VS ED Memories of the Western Maryland Mark I 60

924 VS ED TR Mid-American Glory, Illinois Central Herron 52

1499 VS ED Middle Division - Rockville to Horseshoe Curve Penn Valley 40

640 VS Midland and Two Centrals, The Mark I 40

60 VS Missabe Giants Starlake 30 Filmed in 1959, this outstanding video shows DM&IR articulateds in all their glory. Also included in the program are shots of CB&Q fan trips in 1960, plus CN 6060 and UP 8444 in 1977.

1013 VS ED Monon, She's a Hoosier Line Rail Premier 57

947 VS ED RH Movin' On Pentrex 60

897 VS New England Glory, Vol. 1: Mountain Division Herron 77

344 VS New York And Long Branch RR Mark I 60 PRR steam and first generation diesels, with scenes on the PRR & CNJ lines to South Amboy. Raritan River RR steam at South Amboy. Complete narration.

960 VS New York Central - The Beach Collection Pentrex 60

1315 VS VP New York Central Odyssey Green Frog 150

1798 VS New York Central Steam Showcase Mark I '93 30 Main line action, Harmon to Chicago

1339 VS New York Central, Vol. 1 Herron 56

941 VS New York Central: An Insider's View Pentrex 50

1592 VS ED New York, New Haven & Htfd A&R Prod. 60

1763 VS Niagara's Last Stand Herron '99 60 1950s action on NYC's Toledo Division; Norwalk Branch, 1955

109 VS Niagaras/Mohawks - Gotham Steam Sunday River 18 Lots of Hudsons and some E7s shown in Ohio and Michigan. Steam and early diesels on the Erie, NYC and Jersey Central, and then the early morning parade of streamliners along the Hudson. Required viewing for NYC steam fans.

835 VS ED Nickel Plate and The AC&Y Green Frog '92 45

1019 VS ED Nickel Plate Story Interurban 19

5 VS MS NKP 750/759 40 Years of NKP Berkshires Sunday River 37 Recycled Sunday River 8mm films: NKP Berkshires In Their Prime; On The Western Maryland; Revenue Freight Service, and Berkshire At Its Best

116 VS Norfolk & Western Articulateds Sunday River 45 Four full-color segments, showing the class 'A" and class "Y' mallets in regular service. This is an outstanding video; highly recommended. You'll watch it more than once! 98 runbys!

117 VS Norfolk & Western Steam In Action Crestline 30 Check this one! The year is 1958, and we make a grand tour of the N&W from Norfolk to the mountains, witnessing a great variety of freight and passenger power including 2-8-8-2s, 2-6-6-4s, 4-8-2s, 4-8-4s, and many more.

182 VS North Jersey Railroading Railroad Video Prod. 60 Old film of high speed steam operations in the 40's, featuring Jersey Central, Reading, Lehigh Valley, Erie, D&H, PRR, Rahway Valley and Lackawanna. Contains grisly footage of the wreck of The Broker' in 1951.

1766 VS Northern Pacific - Farewell to Steam Greg Scholl '98 30 NP 4-6-0 #1372 stars, cameos by #2626

838 VS ED Northern Pacific: Jim Frederickson Remembers NPRHA '88
378 VS NYC Collection Video Rails 57 "The Steam Locomotives", "The Freight Yards", "The Railroad Signal": three B&W movies produced by the NYC in the 194Os. Plenty of rip-roarin' runbys; steam, of course.

686 VS TR Old Key System/Sacrmento Northern Holmes, J. (A) 25

1895 VS VP On The Old Milwaukee Road Herron '98 54 A good reprise of the Milwaukee Road's greatest steam, electric, and diesel power and the famous Hiawathas of the 1930s and 1940s. Top notch production values here, as Herron always delivers.

944 VS VP Ontario Steam In The 50's Rail Innovations 50

1382 VS Operation Fast Freight Pentrex 23

1627 VS RH Orange Empire Railway Museum Pentrex '95 30

713 VS Ore Train, The Penn Valley Pictures '91 40

1630 VS TR P.R.R. Power, Vol. 4 RR Video '94 60

1500 VS ED P.R.R. Power, Vol. 5 Railroad Vid. 60

1631 VS ED Pacific Northwest Holiday/Nickel Plate Story Everything Video ?

1337 VS ED Pennsy and More! A&R Prod. 47

404 VS ED Pennsylvania Glory, Vol. 1 Herron 46 Long Island, New York & Long Branch, Atlantic City, Elizabeth. Harrisburg, Enola Yard. Steam, diesel, electric, filmed in the 1950s. Color w/narration.

405 VS ED Pennsylvania Glory, Vol. 2 Herron 43 Rockville Bridge, Middle Division. Altoona, Horseshoe Curve, Columbus. Sandusky Line. Steam and diesel, 40s and .50s Color, with narration.

874 VS TR ED Pennsylvania Glory, Vol. 3 Herron 60 Buffalo NY, Chicago IL, Pennsylvania and New Jersey locations with many classes of steam, diesel and electric locomotives. Produced from high quality 16mm film and narrated by Ralph Morse.

807 VS ED Pennsylvania Railroad, The Green Frog '92 60

464 VS Pocahontas Glory, Vol. 1 Herron 48

546 VS VP Pocahontas Glory, Vol. II Herron 48

266 VS Powhatan Plus Sunday River 40 Here, in color and sharp focus, are the N&W 'J" Class Northerns in regular passenger service, plus a long and loving look at #611,

1582 VS ED Prairie Rails, America's Granger Railroad Herron 56

342 VS PRR Power, Vol. 2 Railroad Video Prod. 60 Vintage PRR steam action between 1946 and 1956 at many spots in N J, PA and MD. K4, M-1, L-l, I-1, J-1, T-1 and H-9 types are shown.

542 VS ED PRR Power, Vol. III Railroad Video Prod. 60

345 VS ED CR PRR Vintage Movies Railroad Video Prod. 60 'What in Blazes, 1955 fire safety movie; Clear Track Ahead, 1946; plus GG-1 cabride between Penn Station, NYC and South Amboy NJ.

196 VS PRR-Reading Co. - A Look Back In Time Railroad Video Prod. 60 Vintage film of a wide variety of PRR motive power in action: M-1, L-1, J-1, K-4, and H-9 steam, plus electrics & first generation diesels. Equal time is devoted to Reading steam, early diesel and electric power. B&W.

1242 VS ED Railfanning Southern CA in the 1950s Pentrex 80

374 VS ED Railroad At Work - Milwaukee Interurban 26 Milwaukee Road B&W film. with lots of steam and diesel runbys. Steam-drawn "Hiawathas", electric-powered "Olympians", in the Pacific Northwest. With sound.

1122 VS ED Rails In And Around Peoria 1936-44 Hulin Cross (A) 30

1884 VS Rayonier, The Last Steam Logger Greg Scholl '98 30 1961 and 1962 scenes from western Washington state, showing the last months of operation on Rayonier, with 2-6-6-2 articulated steam locomotives hauling empty and loaded log cars.

1426 VS ED Reading Glory in Upstate PA Penn Valley 45

1385 VS ED Reading in Transition Digital Image 45

695 VS Reflections Of The New York Central Herron 54 Top quality vintage films, 1928 to 1962, of Hudsons, Niagaras, Mohawks and all the great name trains of the NYC. Scenes from Chicago, Indianapolis, along the Hudson and many other locations. Pacing, cab rides, original NYC sound.

2092 VS Rio Grande Articulateds, Pts. I & II Sunday River 78 The films of Otto Perry. Pt. 1: La Vata Pass and the Moffat Line. Pt. II: The Joint Line, The Royal Gorge, and Tennessee Pass. Excellent color and B&W film of many classes of these behemoth engines at many locations.

758 VS Rio Grande Narrow Gauge In The Fifties WB Video 50

133 VS Rio Grande of the Rockies WB Video 60 Back to the 50s on the D&RGW! Extraordinary film of 2-8-8-2s on Tennessee Pass and in helper service near Moffat Tunnel. Narrow gauge over Marshal Pass, a ride on a snow flanger to Crested Butte, and much more.

351 VS Rio Grande Southern Sunday River 120 High passes, cattle movements and cities of gold and silver are the stuff of this definitive video on the most spectacular railroad in North America. Narrated by RGS workers.

1968 VS Rolling the Freight (CNW) Pentrex Vintage railroad public relations film.

654 VS ED Rubber City Rails, Part 1 Revelation 68

1316 VS ED Santa Fe Odyssey Green Frog 150

1446 VS Screaming Steam Motor Classics 40

684 VS SF 3759 - Final Run Over Cajon Pass Video Rails 60

1016 VS MS Silver Steam Mainline 60

900 VS Smithsonian Series, Vol. 1: Union Pacific Video Rails 60

901 VS Smithsonian Series, Vol. 2: Southern Pacific Video Rails 60

1030 VS Smoke and Its Abatement C&NW Railway 1948 30 Silent, step by step instructions for minimizing steam loco smoke. Good image quality, captions

1234 VS Smoke Steam & Cinders Ken Utter 78

280 VS Southern Pacific - 1941 Video Rails 29 16 mm films from 1937 1941 showing all major classes of steam and diesels in use at that time, plus San Francisco ferryboats. Brilliant color, original sound, flawlessly edited and produced. Better not miss this one.

657 VS ED Southern Pacific - The Coast Line Video Rails 30

1089 VS VP Southern Pacific Daylight Time Blackhawk/A&R Productions 45

205 VS Southern Pacific Steam Since 1890 Sunday River 34 Here you will see every wheel arrangement used by the SP since the 1890's - from little yard goats to the ponderous cab-forwards - all in action and all in color. Locations cover the entire SP system. Recommended!

2187 VS ED Southern Pacific's Joaquin Route Circa 1950 Catenary, '01 55 An in-depth study of one of SP's major north-south arteries in the post-WW II decade. Steam and diesel, freight and passenger, 16 mm color film of SP trains at Lathrop, Bakersfield, Tehachapi Loop, 1952 earthquake damage, and more

1615 VS ED Southern Pacific's Shasta Route Circa 1950, Vol.1 Catenary '98 62

1232 VS ED Steam & Diesel on the B&LE/Diesels Roar on the Pennsy Blackhawk 24

862 VS Steam Across America, Vol. 1: The East Pentrex 35

872 VS Steam Across America, Vol. 2 Pentrex 35 Vintage steam in the late 1950's: UP Challengers, 0-6-0s and Northerns, SP Pacifics and 0-6-0s, C&S 2-10-2s, 2-10-0s and more. Corlor, Narrated.

923 VS ED Steam And Diesel on the B&O Herron 70

1583 VS ED Steam and Diesel on the Pennsylvania RR, V. 1: Altoona Area Herron 56

1584 VS ED Steam and Diesel on the Pennsylvania RR, V. 2: Ohio Lines Herron 56

296 VS ED Steam And Diesels Of The 1940s C&NWHS 30 Sequences include scenes of Milwaukee Road Hiawatha, C&NW "400", NKP Berkshires, C&O freight and passenger steam, PRR T-ls and B&O freight. Worthwhile vintage film, with dubbed 1940's train sounds.

1757 VS Steam Giants Across America Green Frog '96 60 16mm film from the 40s & 50s, UP, DM&IR, NW

368 VS Steam In Indian Summer, Vol. I American Rail Image 40 It is fall 1986, and the last days of the steam era are at hand. Ed Bird journeyed to Northern Ohio with his 8mm camera

347 VS Steam In Indian Summer, Vol. II American Rail Image 50 Watch PRR and Reading steam locos of many different wheel arrangements in action on the Seashore Lines. These films were made in the last days of steam.

1882 VS Steam in the 30's and 40's - Historical Features of the Pennsylvania RR Penn Valley '98 43 Black and white 16mm film shot in the 30's and 40's by the late Vlarence Weaver. Williamsport Division, Wilkes-Barre Division, Harrisburg Engine Terminal, Ft. Wayne Division, Altoona Works, more.

151 VS Steam In The '50s Green Frog 41 Last days of steam on 11 different railroads, professionally transferred from high quality 16mm film

908 VS Steam in The 50s and Early 60s, Vol. II Green Frog 35

1449 VS Steam in the 50's, Vol. 3 Green Frog 60

2034 VS Steam In The South In The 60's Penn Valley '96 45 Virginia & Blue Ridge RR in winter and summer; Buffalo Creek And Gauley; ET & WNC RR; and the Lavino Steel Plant. Original all-color 16mm film, narration, music and added sound.

460 VS Steam Locos Of The Southern/ACL/SAL/RF&P/L&N JMJ 32

477 VS Steam On Horseshoe Curve Sunday River 61

1788 VS Steam on the Northern Pacific Green Frog '99 60 2-6-2, 2-8-2, 4-6-0, and articulateds in the '40s

154 VS Steam Over Sherman WB Video 54 Challengers, Big Boys and many other types of UP steam and diesel power in regular service in the 1950's,

1504 VS Steam Shortlines of the South Green Frog 45 l6mm color film, shot in the 1950's and early '60s, of the Moscow camden & St. Augustine, The Morehead and North Fork, Buffalo Creek & Gauley, The Virginia Blue Ridge, The Graham County RR, and others.

156 VS Steam Trains In Maine Lewis, W. '84 24 Freight and passenger trains on the Maine Central and Grand Trunk, shot in the late 40's and early 50's.

158 VS Steam Was Great On The Nickel Plate Starlake 30 NKP and GTW steam in all its glory and variety, October 1958. Color and original sound, from 16mm masters.

2026 VS ED Susquehanna Division Penn Valley '95 45 All-color 16mm film of the PRR in the 1950s between Harrisburg and Williamsport. Many classes of steam on freight and passenger trains, with autherntic PRR steam and diesel sound track.

1418 VS VP Tennessee Narrow Gauge War Yrs A&R Prod. 50

1419 VS VP Tennessee Narrow Gauge, The Final Years A&R Prod. 20

2198 VS VP TR The 60's - Passenger, Steam, Electrics Green Frog '01 60 Roger M. Koenig's photography of railroading around Chicago in the 1960's: Rock Island, Wabash, Illinois Central, Santa Fe, Grand Trunk, B&O, Chicago & Northwestern, Pennsy, and C&O. There are also scenes of GTW #6218 in winter excursion service.

339 VS This Is My Railroad - Steam Version Pentrex 60 All aspects of the Southern Pacific RR, circa 1947, are covered in this somewhat corny promo film.

1298 VS Toledo, Peoria & Western Green Frog 90

587 VS Trains of New England - Fond Memories A&R 42

701 VS Trains That Pass In The Night/O. Winston Link Berwick '90 50

1800 VS Trains Unlimited - Steam Trains History Channel 50 From the TV series

248 VS Twilight Of The Rio Grande Narrow Gauge Green Frog 40 The superb photography of Emory Gulash brings narrow gauge steam operations in the late 60's back to life, between Alamosa and Silverton, including Antonito, Cumbres, Durango and Chama. Synchronized stereo.

2175 VS Union Pacific Big Boy Collection Pentrex '01 95 Thanks to Pentrex's untiring efforts, footage of all 25 of UP's Big Boys has been assembled here, providing a comprehensive record of these behemoths in action. Some scenes haven't been released on video before: Sherman Hill, Wasatch Mts.

336 VS Union Pacific Big Boys Video Rails 30 Superb film of UP 4-8-8-4 articulateds, shot in the 40s and 50s. See these magnificent monsters battling heavy grades and at speed on the level, plus fascinating sequences in yards and roundhouses. Stereo.

569 VS Union Pacific Challengers Video Rails 30

1213 VS Union Pacific Steam Video Rails 30

658 VS Union Pacific Steam Video Rails 30

1721 VS Vignettes of the B&O, Vol. 3 Clear Block 60

1284 VS Vignettes of the B&O, Vol. II Clear Block 60

861 VS ED Vignettes of the C&O (currently unavailable) Clear Block 65

1423 VS ED Vignettes of the Jersey Central Clear Block 60

1129 VS VP ED Vignettes of the Reading Company Clear Block '94 60

868 VS Vintage 8s: NKP & PRR Collection Szwajkart 60

177 VS Vintage Railroad Movies Railroad Video Prod. 60 'Within The Oval' (NYC), 'The Steam Engine' (NYC), and 'Safety At The Crossroads' (Reading). Interesting old PR films with lots of action.

995 VS ED Vintage Rails Vol. 1 JMJ Productions 60 Coverage of the Delaware & Hudson from the 1930's through the 1960's. Mostly steam locomotives, including Challengers, Northerns, Americans, ten-wheelers and Consolidations. Some first generation Alcos are also seen.

1014 VS ED VP Vintage Series Collection, Vol. 1 Pentrex 65

1008 VS Vintage Steam Deluz 60

1288 VS VP Western Pacific: WP's 1st 50 Years Catenary 120

844 VS ED CD Whistler's Western B&A Railroad A & R 45 Hudsons, Berkshires and Pacifics hold center stage, circa 1934-1940. Color & b&W 8mm and 16mm film, with synthesized steam sound. Early to current day diesel action is also shown.

579 VS Worktrain To Silverton Green Frog 23

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