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Railroad Video Rentals from Clear Signal Video - Web Site under reconstruction

Toy Trains & Model Railroading

CATALOG NUMBER is given first, followed by SUBJECT CODE, TITLE, PRODUCER, RUN TIME(if known), and DESCRIPTION. Some entries are incomplete; eventually I'll write all the descriptions.

2084 MR A Century Of Lionel Trains TM Books & Video '00 120 From Joshua Cowan's first train -- a crude wooden gondola made in 1900 -- to today's awesome scale models, Lionel has provided generations of toy train lovers with enjoyment. This two hour tribute does justice to Lionel's Magnificent contribution.

1954 MR Adventures In Scale Modeling, Vol. 1 Testors Corp. 120 Four complete 30-minute programs: the Dodge Daytona Turbo, the space shuttle, a diesel tug boat, and Richard Petty's NASCAR Pontiac. Step by step progress through each model.

1955 MR Adventures In Scale Modeling, Vol. 2 Testors Corp. The F-14 Tomcat (seam firtting, sanding, painting); USS Yorktown (masking and sub-assembly); Truss Railroad Bridge (alignment and design); Stephenson's "Rocket" steam locomotive.

1956 MR Adventures In Scale Modeling, Vol. 3 Testors Corp. Modeling projects covered: an airport terminal, a commercial jet aircraft, a '32 Ford Vicky, and the Star Trek Enterprise. Step by step tips with interesting sidelights.

11 MR Airbrushing for Model Railroaders Kalmbach 40 Learn airbrushing techniques by video. After an explanation of how an airbrush works, you'll see tips on painting and weathering, preparation of models and a complete demonstration on a model.

1461 MR All Aboard - America's Best Model trains Goodtimes Home Video 30

707 MR ALP Way Freight Carstens 30

1871 MR Atlas U36-C Locomotive Iver Jacobsen A well-made amateur tape showing a precisely tuned HO gauge locomotive doing switching chores, making up a train, and then pulling a very long train, all at scale speeds. Pretty impressive!

302 MR Basics Of Model Railroad Wiring Kalmbach 53 Take the mystery out of wiring reverse loops, wyes, switch machines & turntables with this useful and entertaining show. Expert Bruce Chubb explains the complexities of multi-train operation.

21 MR Basics of Model Railroading Kalmbach 54 Learn the techniques you need to build your first model railroad. Benchwork, scenery & smooth operation - it's all here as the experts take you step-by-step through each phase of layout construction.

1633 MR LS Big Little Railways Film Service 75 Garden railways, 1 ft gauge steam, etc.

1161 MR Building Model Railroad Scenery With The Experts Kalmbach '85 45

340 MR Building Model Railroad Wood Structures Kalmbach 40 Selecting tools. preparing & sanding wood, dry brushing and many other techniques are taught in this fine tape for the serious modeler.

32 MR Building Reliable Model Railroad Track Kalmbach 52 Avoid Basement derailments! This entertaining show reallygoes into detail, with basic instructions andterrific tips on weathering, turnouts, hand laidtrack, and more.

1874 MR Calvert's HO Scale Model Railroad Tour, Vol. 1 MVP '99 90 Featuring the best sound system ever heard, a terrific collection of Southern Pacific locos and passenger cars, all highly detailed, closeups, explanations, etc. -- a great model railroad video.

1875 MR Calvert's HO Scale Model Railroad Tour, Vol. 2 MVP '99 80 Another great video from one of the best HO scale layouts in the world. Benchwork details, scenery, Tehachapi Loop, 1950s roundhouse, tunnels, bridges, and the best sound system you ever heard.

2062 MR Classic TV Train Commercials of the 50's and 60's Alpha '93 30 Original, uncut TV commercials featuring the toy trains we grew up with: Lionel, American Flyer, etc. Many of the items shown are now desireable collectors' items. Great nostalgia tape!

1705 MR Custom Painting Brass Locomotives Hobby Video ?

1983 MR Fun With Lifelike Jacobsen, Iver (A) 60 Not yet reviewed

1797 MR Great Layouts You Can Visit, Vol. 1 O-Gauge 60 Four different O-Gauge pikes

1982 MR Great Lionel Layouts, Pt. 1 TM Videos 55 Fritz Von Tagen's Lionel Hudsons, Merle Levitt's multi-gauge, multi-level layout, and high lights from the Tom Snyder-Tom McComas CBS Christmas special.

1801 MR Great Model Railroads, Vol. 13 Allen Keller 60 The Stoney Creek & Western

359 MR Great Model Railroads, Vol. 2 Hopewell 60 George Sellios's magnificent "Franklin & South Manchester" is featured in this fine show, which uses Hopewell's "micro-cam" to great advantage.

422 MR Great Model Railroads, Vol. 3 Hopewell 56 Dean Freytag's South Ridge Lines and C.J. Riley's Kanawha & Western Allegheny are featured in this captivating video.

631 MR Great Model Railroads, Vol. 4 Keller, A 54

632 MR Great Model Railroads, Vol. 5 Keller, A 60

633 MR Great Model Railroads, Vol. 6 A. Keller 60

1302 MR Great Outdoor Railways Pentrex 60

741 MR Great Toy Train Layouts Of America, Part I TM Video 45

742 MR Great Toy Train Layouts Of America, Part II TM Video 60

743 MR Great Toy Train Layouts Of America, Part III TM Video 60

505 MR History Of Lionel Trains, The Lionel Video 44

2061 MR JU I Love Toy Trains 7 TM Books & Video '00 30 Kid vid for the little train lover in your household, featuring the great streamliners of the '30s, Big Boy steamers, Lego layouts and much more. Exciting toy train action throughout.

617 MR Iver Jacobsen's Santa Fe Railroad Jacobsen, Iver 110

892 MR Iver Jacobsen's Santa Fe Railroad, Vol. 3, Wheel Test I. Jacobsen 33

744 MR Lionel Classic Locomotives: The Fairbanks-Morse Train Master Waller Bros. 35

478 MR Lionel Repair, Vol. 1 Act Video 60

2083 MR Lionel The Movie II TM Books & Video '97 48 'Wonderful World of Trains (1960)', 'Railroad Story (1951', and 'Cavalcade of Trains (1962)', featuring many prototypes and views of the Lionel factory and showroom layouts.

258 MR Lionel: The Movie TM Books 30 Here's a treat for anyone who appreciates the postwar Lionel classics. You'll see Hudsons, F3s, GG-1s and more, plus tons of Lionel rolling stock.

1900 MR M.T.H. Electric Trains M.T.H. '98 1998 product video from this maker of high quality O-gauge electric trains.

746 MR Making Of The Scale Hudson, The TM Books & Video 44

1645 MR Micro Trains Line Factory Tour Micro Trains ?

99 MR Model Railroad Layout Tour #1 Kalmbach 60 Visit five of the finest model railroad layouts in the country, watch them in operation, and hear their builders discuss the fine points of model railroading, general and particular.

100 MR Model Railroad Layout Tour #2 Kalmbach 60 Visit David Barrow's Cat Mountain & Santa Fe; Don and John Santel's Ohio, Michigan & South Shore; Herb & Mike Danneman's HOn3 Denver & Rio Grande Western; Allen McClelland's Virginian & Ohio; Doug Taylor's East Broad Top; and Chuck Hitchcock's AT&SF.

101 MR Model Railroad Video Layout Tour #3 Kalmbach 60 Journey to the Union, Hoboken & Overland of the New York Society of Model Engineers, and the layouts of Earl Smallshaw, Al Kalbfleisch, Don Clerke and the Rensselaer Model Railroad Club.

326 MR Model Railroad Video Layout Tour No. 4 Kalmbach 60 Six outstanding model railroad layouts are featured; video and content are up to Kalmbach's usual high standards.

1160 MR Model Railroads in Action Kalmbach '91 45

1782 MR N-Scale Model Railroading in America Varda '94 30 The layouts of Don Kriegbaum and F. Parks.

2078 MR Painting Backdrops Green Frog '96 80 Many tips are provided here, from selecting brushes and paints, preparing the surface, choosing colors, preliminary washes, to how to paint trees sky, clouds and buildings. Greg Gray, with 30 years experience, is host to this instructive show.

989 MR Redwood Valley & Goldne Gate Live Steamers Pearson Prod. 45

1981 MR Re-making Of The 1949 Lionel Showroom Layout TM Videos 50 Tom McComas, producer of over 30 books and videos about toy trains, brings this famous layout back to life and tells the story of how it was duplicated right down to the smallest detail.

817 MR San Diego Model Railroad Museum Pentrex '92 30

1870 MR SDXX Test Iver Jacobsen Watch realistic HO gauge freight operations on Iver Jacobsen's large Santa Fe Railroad. The videography is good, with dramatic closeups, and HO gauge modellers will find the detail top notch.

1876 MR Secrets of Model Railroad Sound Systems MVP '99 60 All the information you need to put together audio components from Radio Shack, IRC, etc., to make sound systems with real sounds at price levels you can afford. An excellent how-to video.

529 MR Sierra Pacific Lines Pentrex 60

2075 MR Station At Citicorp Center, The TM Books & Video 40 An enthralling visit to a really neat exhibit: 25 electric trains operating on three levels against 12-foot backdrops, with 17 animated scenes, 200 buildings, 5000 trees and shrubs, 17 bridges and 2 skating dogs. Kids and adults alike will love it!

1885 MR Toy Train Accessories, Pt. One McComas '98 55 Lionel coal and lumber accessories, Lionel bridges and Lionel cranes; all new footage of each accessory in action along with original boxes and tips on operation.

906 MR Toy Train Revue No. 5, Spring 1992 TM Books 60 Trainland USA; Lionel's Showroom Layout; Lionel Super Train, and more. Plenty of action and variety in this entertaining hour for Lionel fans.

975 MR Toy Train Revue No. 6 TM Books 60

976 MR Toy Train Revue No. 7 TM Books

977 MR Toy Train Revue No. 8 TM Books 60

2082 MR Toy Trains & Christmas TM Books & Video '97 50 Famous Christmas Layouts at the Henry Ford Museum, the Hancock Building, and the Hammacher Schlemmer Christmas catalog layout. We enjoy the Lionel Visitors Center layout and several others, with trains and accessories from every era.

785 MR Toy Trains In Action Toy Train Video '85 60

1901 MR Toys Of The Past - The William Furnish Collection TM Books & Video '98 55 Trains, planes, cars, boats, games, banks, toy soldiers -- this may be the world's best collection of antique toys. Visit it with acclaimed videographer Tom McComas.

1491 MR Tracks Ahead - Episode #303 Milw. Pub. TV 30

1794 MR Train Mountain Museum Green Frog 45 Live steam on a 200-acre layout

1632 MR Utah Western Model Railroad Gandy Dancer 60

1462 MR Weathering and Aging with Pastels NMRA Video 34

316 MR Weathering Model Railroad Models Kalmbach 49 All you need to know about weathering rolling stock, structures, locomotives and scenery - Step by step instructions.

1873 MR Wiring For Command Control Green Frog '95 30 No. 5 of the 'Building A Model Railroad' Series, this tape shows how to install decoders in Atlas, KATO, Proto 2000 and Walthers locomotives. Wiring a reversing loop is covered, ground throws for turnouts, etc.

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