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Foreign Rails

CATALOG NUMBER is given first, followed by SUBJECT CODE, TITLE, PRODUCER, RUN TIME(if known), and DESCRIPTION. Some entries are incomplete; eventually I'll write all the descriptions.

1135 FR MS 95 027 EK Video 60
1668 FR Australia World's Greatest Train Rides 53

2105 FR MS Australian Steam Machines Of Iron '00 90 Visit the Millenium Aurora NSW Transport Museum and ride the rails behind vintage steam and diesel locomotives, NSWGR 38 Class Pacifics, Victoria Railways Hudsons, and a variety of early diesel models, then visit the Ballarine Peninsula Railway.

1093 FR Best of South American Trains Trains Unlimited Tours ?

1293 FR CR Black Forest to Konstanz Pantoffel-Kino 55

1643 FR VS Branchline Railway (Britain) Public Media 47

1103 FR Brig-Zermatt Railway, The EK Professional Railway Films 45

668 FR Central Mexico Rails Pentrex 90

403 FR MS China - Land Of 10,000 Steam Locomotives PK 80 Visit every corner of China, roundhouses, shops and countless locations on this vast country's 33,000 miles of track, to see steam in regular service. Filmed in 1988.

252 FR China, Steam's Last Frontier Steam Central 60 Travel to exotic China to see big American style engines and railroading. See 2-10-2s, doubleheading 4-6-2s running passenger trains. Heavy mainline action like the US we used to know.

594 FR Confessions of a Train Spotter BBC/Pentrex '87 59

608 FR Copper Canyon Pentrex 80 Ride the famous Chihuahua Pacifico Railroad over Mexico's Sierra Madre Mountains
and through the Spectacular Copper Canyon. A fascinating look at an impressively
engineered line.

2089 FR CP Copper Canyon And Coast Starlight Reader's Digest Scenic Rail Journeys 50 Two more scenic and enjoyable rail tours: Mexico's amazing Copper Canyon with its long views and high bridges, and the beautiful California Pacific coastline. The whole family will like this one.

1700 FR MS Cuba Steam Pentrex '96 71

2109 FR VS Decades Of Steam, Vol. 1, The 20's and 30's Columbia River Entertainment 122 Steam in Great Britain, starting with the merger of the Victorian companies in 1923 to form the "Big Four" railways, and proceeding through the electrification and dieselization programs of the1930's. Archival footage, narrated.

2110 FR VS Decades Of Steam, Vol. 2, The 1940's Columbia River Entertainment 62 The story of British steam locomotives through the end of independence, into the early days of Nationalization. The intense effort of the war years is chronicled, and we conclude with a survey of old and new motive power of early "British Railways".

2111 FR VS Decades Of Steam, Vol. 3, The 1950's Columbia River Entertainment 61 By the 1950's the steam locomotive was seen as an anachronism which had to be replaced, but there were still many thousands of steamers running and this volume examines the action in each section of British Railways.

2112 FR VS Decades Of Steam, Vol. 4, The 1960's Columbia River Entertainment 62 The end of steam in Great Britain, as mainline electrification, dieselization, and the destruction of branchlines all took their toll. After August 1968, on the "Flying Scotchman" remained.

535 FR Deccan (Indian Railways) Pentrex/BBC 60

384 FR Doubletrack Main - South Africa Greg Scholl 60 Big steam in South Africa. This eye-opening record of mainline operations will have steam fans on the edge of their chairs. Great color.

1867 FR MS East Germany World's Greatest Train Ride Videos '96 48 East Germany! Saxony, Bertsdorf Station, incredible scenes of smoky lignite-burning locomotives, and plenty of mountain scenery. A Nick Lera video.

1100 FR CP Europe By Train Eurail 30

2012 FR European Video Express, Vol. 3 Cocking, John 60 Germany's Neubaustreke, steam in Wurzburg, the Gotthard Route, Ffestiniog Railway in Wales, and two preserved railway lines in France. Excellently produced.

595 FR Flying Scotsman Simitar 55
1148 FR MS Flying Scotsman and Pendennis Castle's West Australian Railtours Derrick/Video Rails 76

1456 FR French & British Railroad Mems. Moviecraft 52

1102 FR CP Great Britain By Train Taylored Video Service 30

1466 FR CP Gt. Metros of the World: Beijing & Hong Kong Vid. Trav. Lib. 60

1469 FR Gt. Metros of the World: London & Calcutta Vid. Trav. Lib. 60

1467 FR CP Gt. Metros of the World: Tokyo & Seoul Vid. Trav. Lib. 60

1468 FR CP Gt. Metros of the World: Wash DC & San Francisco Vid Trav. Lib. 60

1463 FR Gt. Railway Journeys: Hong Kong to Ulaanbataar BBC '94 57

1577 FR Guayaquil & Quito Railroad Berkshire 60

1819 FR History Of British Trains, Vol. 1: The Cradle Of Railways Columbia River Entertainment Group '97 62 History of the railways of the Northeast of England and the companies which came together to form the London and North Eastern Railway.

1830 FR/VS VS History Of British Trains, Vol. 2 - The Industrial Heartland Columbia River Entertainment 61 England's Midlands and industrial Northwest: a full history from early days to the present, with interesting archival film from the 30's, 40's, and 50's.

1883 FR History of British Trains, Vol. 3, Commuters and Holidays Columbia River Entertainment Group 63 Archival film and modern scenes are artfully woven together to tell the story of the Great Western Railway and the Southern Railway in England, right up to the present day. The older films are especially interesting.

1478 FR India (World's Greatest Train Rdes) Publishers Ch 52

1724 FR CP Indian Pacific, The Banksia 100

1099 FR CP Japan By Train Japan Railways Group 30

371 FR Journey To The Land Beyond The Mountains BBC/Pentrex 40 High in the mountains, the little railway line enters a region which is mysterious even to the Portuguese themselves, a land of proud people with strange primitive traditions.

486 FR Journey To Yesterday Pentrex/BBC 30

1331 FR Jungle Railroad Pentrex/RMK 24

536 FR Long Straight, The Pentrex/BBC 60

2126 FR Mexico World's Great Train Ride Videos 54 A travel video with incidental railroad interest, this show takes us aboard the Mexican Railroad for visits to Chichen-Itza, Guadelupe, Chichuahua, and other timeless and exotic Mexican destinations.

1335 FR Mexico's Pacifico Railroad Pentrex 100

1717 FR CP Northern England - Settle/Carlisle Acorn Media 55

667 FR Northern Mexico Rails Pentrex 105

2095 FR MS Orient Express, The Chronicle Video '86 60 Narrative of the five-day journey from Paris to Istanbul on the world's most renowned passenger train. There are stop-offs for various events along the way, but the high light for rail fans will be the steam triple-header in Austria.

372 FR Other Poland, The BBC/Pentrex 40 Steam trains were still the main means of transport between the little villages of Poland when a BBC crew filmed this program in 1983.

2067 FR MS Rail Away, Vol. 1: Australia, Peru Columbia Entertainment '98 75 Sidney to Adelaide, one of the world's longest train rides; The Indian Pacific; Kalgoorlie, Perth, Fremantle. Peru: Cusco, Amanchu Pichu, Puno on Lake Titicaca. This one will stimulate your wanderlust and satisfy it at the same time.

2068 FR MS Rail Away, Vol. 2: Holland, Switzerland, Norway Columbia Entertainment '98 74 Hoorn, Amsterdam, The Hague, Luzern, Vitznau, Gotthard Tunnel, Locarno; Oslo, Flamsbanen, Flam, Bergen. European and Scandinavian attractions, ably filmed and professionally edited.

2069 FR MS Rail Away, Vol. 3: Ireland, Scotland and England, Canada Columbia Entertainment '98 74 The Radio Train, Kildare to Dublin; The Portrush Flyer (steam); Royal Scotsman; National Railway Museum in York; London; The Rocky Mountaineer in Canada. A varied and interesting program, professionally produced.

2070 FR MS Rail Away, Vol. 4: Rumania, South Africa, Hungary Columbia Entertainment '98 77 Bucharest, Sinaia, Brasnov; Pretoria, Cape Town Railway; The Imperial Explorer; children's railway at Solymar, Erger. An hour and fifteen minutes of good railroading in beautiful scenery.

1497 FR Rails Trails International Video Trailer Pantoffel-Kino 60

450 FR Railway Action, Central Stockholm Pearson, R. 30

1031 FR Railways of the Moselle John Cocking 60 Along the famous river in France and Germany a wide variety of railroads line the banks. This tape documents these lines against a backdrop of beautiful scenery.

1475 FR Red Express: The Trans-Siberian Wrld of Dscvr 50

1579 FR MS Red Star Doubleheaders Spinnaker 60

1578 FR MS Romanian Steam Adventure Spinnaker 72

1471 FR Scotland and Wales (World's Greatest Train Rides Publishers Ch 61

366 FR Slow Train To Olympia - Greece BBC/Pentrex 40 Professionally filmed by a BBC TV crew, this video takes us to Greece for a leisurely narrow gauge trip from Athens to Olympia, pausing at small villages and points of interest.

1470 FR Steam Adventures in Ecuador Pantoffel Kino 70

596 FR Steam Alive Simitar 55

1328 FR Steam at Work Victorian Railways ARE Video 50

1641 FR MS Steam Days (Britain) Public Media 60

1642 FR MS Steam Days 2 (Britain) Public Media 60

1778 FR MS Steam Days, Vol. 1 Public Media 60 'Travels with a Duchess' and 'The Fishing Line'

1552 FR Steam Fever Frameline 58

1846 FR/MS Steam In Cuba R.R.V. '94 54 Cuba remains one of the final bastions of the steam locomotive, where Baldwin 2-6-0 and 2-8-0 locos still haul heavy trains of sugar cane to the mills. This video records the scene at the time of the 1995 harvest.

150 FR Steam In Spain Munoz 55 Filmed in 1985-87, this interesting amateur video records steam trips behind a fine Mikado. We see other trains vvith electric and diesel motive power, numerous stations and beautiful scenery, all under the brilliant Spanish sun.

1654 FR MS Steam in the Czech Republic Eccentric Crank 93

1509 FR MS Steam Lives On New Zealand 50

1542 FR Steam on Parade NFU Home V 50

428 FR Swedish Railways Mainline Action, etc. Pearson, R. ? Amateur photographer Jack Pearson documents his travels in Sweden, with a steam tourist line and some views of freight and passenger action.

1667 FR Switzerland World's Greatest Train Rides 60

1101 FR CP Switzerland By Train TVS 30

232 FR Switzerland's Glacier Express Video Travel Library 52 Magnificent scenery and a variety of motive power highlight this highly acclaimed study of one of Europe's outstanding railroad attractions.

1330 FR Three Miles High Pentrex/BBC 50

1751 FR TR Trains of Hong Kong, The Valhalla '97 55

231 FR Trains Of Spain - Electric & Diesel Operations Munoz 75

1531 FR Trains Unlimited Tours, 1997 Preview of Tours Tr. Unlm. Trs 120

1272 FR CP Trans-Siberia Wrld's Gtst Tr.Rides 55

1147 FR Watercress Railway Souvenir John Cocking 45

1903 FR MS World Steam Classics, Vol. 1 GS&A Video '95 100 Patagonia Express -- 250 mile narrow gauge steam line in Argentina; and Relics of the Raj, exotic stream holdovers in India, both narrow and broad gauge. Fascinating!

1904 FR MS World Steam Classics, Vol. 2 GS&A Video '95 115 Rails to Arabia -- Spectacular and historic Hedjaz Railway, made famous by Lawrence of Arabia, still sees steam action today; and The Cape To Cairo Railway, which gives us a look at some old films as well as contemporary steam action.

1268 FR MS World Steam Today, V.2 Goodheart 83

1508 FR MS World Steam Today: Britain & Westerm Europe Ian Alan Ltd. 81

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