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This page is your gateway to countless hours of video enjoyment. Take time to explore our catalog thoroughly, and don't neglect the 'non-railroad' topics either. We have many interesting videos on aircraft, warfare, history, and other cool subjects.

(TOO MUCH TROUBLE reading all the descriptions and submitting a list? Don't know what to choose? As an alternative method, just tell me what subjects interest you (see subject codes this page) and LET ME CHOOSE good videos for you. This works well if you're renting videos for your grandchildren, nieces & nephews, etc., or if you just want to rent a good railroad video with no hassle. AND, if you don't like my choice, you don't have to pay!)

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Our Most Recent Update:

2113 CD CR Goin' To Kansas City Pentrex '00 95 BNSF's busy route between Arkansas City and Kansas City, across the SE corner of Kansas, crosses a variety of terrain and sees a variety of traffic. Great coverage from both line side and in the cab, contemporary railroading at its best.

2114 MS 734 Mountain Thunder Blue Ridge Prod. '96 52 Coverage of the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad, the old WM right-of-way between Cumberland and Frostburg, with its star, 1910 Baldwin #734. Tunnels, horseshoe curves, and steep grades bring out the best in this feisty engine.

2115 TR California Electric Trilogy Pentrex '98 38 Computer enhanced films from the '50s and '60s, of Key System, Sacramento Northern, and Pacific Electric. Fans of electric railways will see many of their favorite cars and freight locomotives in this well-edited color program.

2116 ED VS Union Pacific Trilogy Pentrex '01 65 Three rare Union Pacific films: Rivers Of Steel (10 min., 1984) shows UP's river routes; Eighty Four Forty Four (11 min, 1981) a glimpse of #8444 in action; Meet Uncle Pete (44 min., 1960s) a long promo with 1st and 2nd generation diesels.

2117 CD RO Roadrailers, The Green Frog '98 30 Introduced by the C&O in 1955, the idea of truck trailers on flat cars has been developing ever since. This video focuses on the history of TOFC and shows Roadrailers all across the eastern USA.

2118 ED RO Workin' On The Union Pacific Pentrex '01 95 Six rare UP promos and training films: "The Trainmaster: Man On The Move", "Wired For Safety", "Careful, Carman", "Rails On The Move", "Track Team", and "Freight Car Pit Stop". All from the 1970s.

2119 FR From The Pyramids To Down Under Readers Digest '00 56 Near Cairo we visit the Great Pyramid, then follow the Nile south to Luxor, Karnak, and Aswan. In India, the "Palace on Wheels" takes us to the Taj Mahal and Varanesi. We also visit Shanghai, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

2120 FR Egypt World's Greatest Train Ride Videos '95 60 From Cairo, we tour the Sphinx and the Pyramids. Then travel aboard the Cairo-to-Alexandria, Egypt's fastest train, up the Nile to Karnak and other famous antiquities along the mighty Nile.

2121 FR Turkey World's Greatest Train Ride Videos '96 52 Travel aboard Turkish Railways and see all of Turkey's amazing sights: The Bosphorus, Kemel Ataturk's personal train, early Christian paintings at Cappadocia, Constantinople (Istanbul) and more.

2122 MR Railroading in a Land of Giants - 20th Century Steam Paragon Productions 60 A full hour of live steam, the "giants" being the operators of beautifully finished, fire-breathing model steam locomotives. This is an enjoyable program for all railfans, but the live-steam enthusiast will really love it.

2123 ED NORCAL's New England Explorer Tape #2 Pearson Prod. 55 Train ride from North Conway to Crawford Notch, trip up the Mount Washington Cog Railway, then a ride behind the #1149 on "The Spirit of Unity" at Unity, ME.

2124 CP TR NORCAL'S New England Explorer, Tape #3 Pearson Prod. '00 56 Belfast & Moosehead Lake RDC; Maine Narrow Gauge; Kennebunk Trolley Museum. New Junction, Reno, NV. California Zephyr in the Sierra Nevadas. Christmas Trolley trip. Clear digital video , with Jack's inimitable narration.

2125 FR Peru and Bolivia World's Greatest Train Ride Videos '96 44 Starting from Lima, Peru, we travel into the Andes and ride to the highest point of any railway in the world: 15,806 feet! The trip takes us past many of Bolivia and Peru's scenic wonders: Nazca rock drawings, Lake Titicaca, and more.

2126 FR Mexico World's Great Train Ride Videos 54 A travel video with incidental railroad interest, this show takes us aboard the Mexican Railroad for visits to Chichen-Itza, Guadelupe, Chichuahua, and other timeless and exotic Mexican destinations.

2127 CD Union Pacific Super Railroad, Vol. 2 Green Frog '96 90 This volume looks at the coal fields north of Cheyenne, some of the mines in the Powder River Basin, Sherman Hill, Walcott Canyon, Green River, Granger, and Echo Canyon. Great mountain scenery.

2128 CP Time Travel Through Glenwood Canyon Colorado Lejonhud 54 Several different trips up and down Glenwood Canyon by car and train, pacing or riding the California Zephyr. This is handheld amateur video made with consumer grade equipment, but the scenery is great and Phil's low-key comments add interest.

2129 ED Vignettes of the Jersey Central, Vol. 2 Clear Block '97 56 Scenes filmed in the 1960s show Reading and B&O trains as well as Jersey Ventral at Jersey City, Communipaw, Elizabethport, Elizabeth, Aldine, Cranford, Plainfield, Middlesex, and Bound Brook. Many early diesels are portrayed.

2130 CR Cab Ride Over Donner Pass Donner Rails '01 230 Ride an EMD SD-60 hauling an expedited MRVRO freight manifest heading east from Roseville Yard to Roper, UT. Three separate cameras are used to produce this lengthy program. Locations, mileposts, towns & train stops captioned.

2131 CD Cincinnati Union Terminal Keith's Trains #68 120 CSX and NS action, mainly switching around the C.U.T. Yard. We see container cranes loading and unloading cars, switchers making up trains, trains moving in and out of the yard, etc.

2132 MR Lionel - The Movie III TM Books '97 50 Here's a toy train video that features footage of the scale Dreyfuss, Hiawatha, Rail Chief, Shay, Turbine, the Commodore Vanderbilt, and more. In addition there are out-takes and commercials. The whole family will love it.

2133 CD CP Rails New York Metro Green Frog 55 This program chronicles freight and passenger action around New York City around the time of the Conrail split-up. Includes CSX and Metro-North scenes, Susquehanna intermodal trains, Amtrak, Southern Tier, and LIRR commuter trains,

2134 ED Northeast Vintage Diesels Green Frog '99 45 Sharp 16mm film of '50s & '60s scenes, featuring B&O, Erie Lackawanna, Boston & Albany, Central of Vermont, NYC, N&W, B&LE, Jersey Central and others. Geeps, E and F Units, and Alcos prevail.

2135 CD Union Pacific Super Railroad, Vol. 6 Green Frog '00 60 Arizona and western New Mexico, from Lordsburg NM to Tucson AZ and south to the Mexican border, UP heavy action across the Great American Desert. This well-narrated video tour gives a lot of railroad history and presents great visuals too.

2136 CD Union Pacific Super Railroad, Vol. 7 Green Frog '00 60 From Dunes CA east to the Colorado River, then back west through Ligurta, Welton, Dateland, Aztec, and Gila Bend, ending up in the Tucson area, our trip around the desert southwest features constant heavy diesel action.

2137 CP Tracking the Silverliners Trainfans.com '00 60 This program covers non-stop run-by action of SEPTA MU's at Pennsylvania spots including Johnstown, Wayne, Bryn Mawr, and 30th St. Station. Some Amtrak trains are included.

2138 VP VS Denver - Salt Lake on the Rio Grande Zephyr/ Misc. RR Films 1953-1979 Pearson Prod. 117 Jack Pearson's 8mm films spanning a quarter of a century including many scenes shot from the 'vistadomes' of the Zephyr, vintage action on the DM&IR, NYC, PRR and several head-end rides. Organ music, home movie image quality.

2139 TR NORCAL's 2001 Francis Guido Trolley Trip Pearson Prod. '01 33 "Northern California Railroad Club" once a year sponsors a streetcar trip typically using vintage streetcars. This year we use the reliable 1912 #1, a homebuilt made in San Francisco. Our second car was even older, and caught fire returning to the Barn.

2140 MS Midwest Steam Lasting Impressions 50 On Saturday, Sept. 17, 1988, ex-NKP #587 pulled an excursion on a 160-mile round trip between Indianapolis and Logansport, IN, over Conrail's ex-PRR Frankfort Secondary aka the "high Line". Also scenes of #1522 in 1989, with great images and sound.

2141 JU Trains Trains Trains Green Frog 30 K.C. The Frog lives with a large model railroad and wishes he could run a real train. He takes us on a tour of trains old and new, including a train ride through the mountains. Great fun for the junior rail fan in your house.

2142 CD CSX Vol. 5 Green Frog '96 60 Freight action between Evansville, IN and Chicago, IL. You'll see CSX moves at the Ohio River Bridge, Evansville Yard, Vincennes, and Terre Haute, IN. Many different leased diesels are seen, and the action is very fast paced.

2143 FR MS England World's Greatest Train Ride Videos '95 60 Three complete rail tours covering some of the most interesting tourist railways in England, with ample time out to look at points of interest along the way. If you've seen any of this series, you'll want this one too - plenty meat for serious fans here.

2144 CD Santa Fe Barstow, Nerve Center in the Desert Gandy Dancer 18 A Santa Fe promo film about the building and operation of Barstow Yard. Plenty of 2nd generation diesels, and filled with information about freight classification.

2145 CD Norfolk Southern East of Bluefield Big "E" 111 Intense NS action between Narrows, VA and Kellysville, WV in the spring of 1995. Complete trains, identified by symbol and destination, with expert narration throughout. Very good image quality and sound.

2146 W Steel Fleet Machines of Iron 60 Two warships are closely examined here, the USS Wisconsin and the Iowa Class Battleships, and DDG-51 Arleigh Burke, a modern destroyer with a sophisticated array of combat capabilities. Awesome!

2147 W Warships Today Machines of Iron 60 Take an exclusive look at the most powerful warship ever designed: the nuclear submarine, crammed with high tech wizardry, then board the USS lake Champlain and learn how the Aegis weapons system protects the naval fleet.

2148 W Navy Firepower Machines of Iron 60 Feel the pressure and intensity of today's most vital warship, the aircraft carrier. We'll experience the drama of fighter launching and recovery and tour the bowels of the ship. Then check out amazing amphibious assault vehicles doing their stuff.

2149 W Red Superpower Machines of Iron 60 A 1-hr. look at the modern Russian Navy, especially its submarines, and Russian aviation, including the deadly MiG-29 and mysterious Su-25 Flanker. Very instructive program full of memorable images.

2150 W Silicon Warriors Machines of Iron 60 Computerized weapons systems have become the heart of modern warfare. This program examines aviation systems, radar, night vision, electronic sight technology and much more. A fascinating show.

2151 CD CP SP/SF In California, 1987 Pearson Prod. 109 Inveterate rail photographer Jack Pearson films the action at Los Nietos, Davis, Stockton, and other California locations in spring 1987. Jack's homespun narration and his hand held camera work add charm to this lengthy program.

2152 MS 1218 "Southern Style" Lasting Impressions 50 Excellent video footage of NS articulated loco #1218 in excursion service across the South in 1987. Narrated, locations captioned, but this famous engine speaks for itself with its distinctive 'hooter' and stack talk throughout the program.


2154  W   Armoured Might Machines of War 60 A full hour of combat footage and interviews with the men who operated the fighting vehicles featured, this program gives a taste of what it was really like, from WW I to Desert Storm, to be part of a mechanical division.


2155  W   Tank Force Machines of War 60 Journey through the history of the tank, from WW I to Desert Storm.  With historical footage and interviews, this program will give you insight into the amazing technical advances that have been made in armoured vehicles.


2156  W   U.S. Elite Forces Machines of War 60 Lightning-fast and precise airborne assaults with the 82nd Airborne Division, the C-141 Starlifter, elite Ranger commando training, and more make this an exciting hour.


2157  W   Armour Attack Machines of War 60 Fans of modern tank warfare will like this one, which explores the M1A1 Abrams and the Challenger 2, plus anti-tank missiles, computer guidance systems and more recent advances in military technology.


2158  W   Armoured Vehicle Machines of War/Video Ordnance '91 60 Take a look at the impressive variety of armoured vehicles, from the legendary half-track used in WW II to the most sophisticated light armoured vehicles of Desert Storm.  Mobility, firepower, high tech combat.


2159  A   B-24 Story, The American Sound and Video 75 Three shorts covering the crash program that manufactured the Liberator, the many ways the B-24 was employed in 1943 as Roosevelt and Churchill planned the war, and the around the clock attacks on the Ploesti oilfields.  A great documentary.


2160  AV W  B-24 Liberator Publishers Choice Video 45 Part of the History of Air Combat Series, this program details the service of the rugged 4-engine bomber in WW II, with combat footage of the Ploesti Raids and other missions.  The violence of those battles is recalled in interviews with survivors.


2161  H   Lest We Forget Aviation A. V. Library 80 Inspirational film perpetuates the memory of those who fought in World War II.  Additional shorts show ruins of Corregidor, "Sentimental Journey" with James Stewart, etc.


2162  MR MS  Tracks Ahead, Vol. VII PBS/Pentrex '00 180 Six episodes on two cassettes of the popular PBS series, with many interesting segmants including 6 or 7 on model railroading.  You'll also visit the Yosemite Sugar Pine Railroad, Union Tank Car Co., Steamtown, White Pass & Yukon, and other attractions.


2163  MR   Tracks Ahead, Vol. VIII PBS/Pentrex 210 Seven action-packed episodes on two cassettes from the 4th season of America's favorite PBS series on railroading.  28 different segments for a full 3-1/2 hours of entertainment.


2164  AV   Test Pilot Series: High Speed, Low Level PHI Films/BBC 30 An exciting film featuring flight instruction on the "Lightning" and several other low-level combat aircraft.   Without computerized controls, at speeds up to Mach 1.8, split-second timing is necessary and the landings are particularly hairy.


2165  FR   Grand Tour, The Scenic Railway Journeys of the World 56 A European rail travelogue including the Switzerland Glacier Express, Valencia and Barcelona, Germany's Rhine, Italy's Tuscan landscape, and the Orient Express to Venice.  Castles and scenery, some railroad interest too.


2166  H   World At War, Vol. 10: Wolfpack Thames Video 53 The German attempts to starve Britain by attacking ships bringing supplies from North America are very nearly successful.  Allied merchant ships, despite convoy techniques, are very vulnerable.  WW II combat films and participants' accounts add interest.


2167  H   Red Star The World At War, V. 2 52 This is the story of Russia's massive, lonely war with 20 million casualties.  Against heavy odds, Russian military and civilian personnel, grimly opposed the Nazis, enduring cold and starvation.


2168  H   Great Lakes Freighters - Sailing Fitout Through November Gales www.greatlakesfreighters.com 60 Striking, on-board films show you what it's like to navigate merchant freighters on the Great Lakes in winter.  Professionally narrated and packed with exciting images, this is a different sort of video (wish we had more like it!) and is highly recommended.


2169  CR CD  Keith's Trains #44/45 Lehman '95 240 IHRC cab ride on GP7 #344, Connerville to New Castle, IN, July 28, 1995.  A record of a morning's work switching and running.  Descriptive notes accompany.  Two cassettes, rents as one unit.


2170  ED CR  ALCO C420 Cab Rides - Bluffton/Craigville IN Lehman 240 Come along for a typical day's work of railroading on the Indiana Hi-Rail local.  Switching, running, and all the other normal activities are portrayed.  Two days' worth on two cassettes; notes accompany.  Rents as one unit.


2171  CR CD  Indiana Hi-Rail Cab Ride, Conclusion Lehman 240 ALCO C420 continues to Delphos, OH, then heads back west through Ohio City, Willshire, Pleasant Mills, Decatur, IN and ends trip at MP 110.5 just west of Decatur.  Notes accompany.  Two cassettes, renting as one unit.


2172  TR   Pacific Electric - Early Fifties Pearson Prod./Jim Holmes 26 Color film of Pacific Electric operations, mainly freight -- very interesting street running scenes of California fifty years ago. (8 minutes)  San Francisco MUNI - Color film of a ride on a steeple car ('70s?) and a tour of the backshops (b&w).


2173  FR   Destinations Pentrex 50 Journey to New Zealand and take a lingering look at what railroading means to New Zealanders.  We follow dispatchers, operators, and various other railroad employees as they go about their daily duties.


2174  MS TR  Scenic Train Rides of NC, TN, GA, VT, Ont. Lejonhud, P. (A) 180 Lookout Mountain, Great Smoky Mountain Railway, Tweetsie Railroad, Smoky Mount RR Dillsboro, Stone Mountain Atlanta, plus various RR attractions in Ontario & Vermont, 1994-96.  Two cassettes renting as one unit.  Amateur video, very interesting.


2175  VS   Union Pacific Big Boy Collection Pentrex '01 95 Thanks to Pentrex's untiring efforts, footage of all 25 of UP's Big Boys has been assembled here, providing a comprehensive record of these behemoths in action.  Some scenes haven't been released on video before: Sherman Hill, Wasatch Mts.


2176  MS   Scenic Train Rides of California, Vol. 1 Lejonhud, P (A) 186 Sierra Railway Jamestown, Yosemite Mt. & Sugarpine Railway, Roaring Camp & Big Trees RR, California & Western Scenic RR.  Golden Spike Nat'l. Monument, Heber Valley RR.  Two cassettes renting as one unit.


2177    Pentrex Previews, Vol. 6 Pentrex '98 90 Short previews of over thirty of Pentrex's releases up to 1998.


2178    Pentrex Previews, Vol. 7 Pentrex '99 60 Exciting scenes from 18 of Pentrex's great videos, covering a wide range of railroad subjects.  You get an ample sample of each program, guiding your choice of which titles to buy or rent.


2179    Pentrex Previews Vol. 8 Pentrex '01 65 Highlights from 17 of the newest Pentrex shows in 2001.  Street Running, Best of 2000, Steam to Spokane, B&O Odyssey Vol. 1, Rails to the Twin Ports, California Challenger, Steam Across the Pacific Northwest, etc.


2180  FR MS  Great 1991 South African Steam Festival Machines of Iron '97 54 Steam's last hurrah in South Africa was marked by a 5-day extravaganza on the mainline from Kimberly to De Aar, featuring the last of these magnificent steam locomotives.  This is a great tape you'll watch over and over.


2181  FR MS  South African Garratts Machines of Iron '98 60 A trip to South Africa in 1995, when these huge articulated locomotives were still in revenue and excursion service.  They are well photographed on several different railways.  Soon after this video was made, the Garratts were retired.


2182  CD   Guilford Video Quarterly,  Spring 1996 Rail Graphics '96 84 Diesels in action at Ayer, Shirley, Wachusett, Gardner, Lowell, Millers Falls, Hatfield, Greenfield, Hoosac Tunnel, W. Chelmsford, Eagle Bridge NY, Stillwater NY, Mechanicsville NY, Pittstown NY, Nashua NH.


2183  CD   Guilford Video Quarterly, Summer 1996 Rail Graphics '96 75 1996 doings on the Guilford Rail System.  Locations covered in this edition include East Deerfield, Charlemont, Rigly, Ayer, Shirley, Lawrence, Nashua, Dover, North Berwick, Graniteville, Tyngsboro, Gardner, Lunenberg, Wachusett, more.


2184  CD   Shortlines of Georgia I PK's Provideo Services 62 Cordell, Plains, Toccoa, Rose Crossing -- Georgia Southwestern action.  Amateur video, notes accompany.


2185  CD   Shortlines of New Hampshire I PK's Provideo Services 62 Twelve trains are seen or followed in this hour-long look at NES, C&C, CNNA, St. Lawrence & Atlantic fan trip, etc.  Amateur video, notes accompany.


2186  CD   Shortlines of Vermont I PK's Provideo Services  Green Mountain, Central Vermont Railway, St. Lawrence & Atlantic Railway are seen in this amateur tape filmed in 1994 at various Vermont locations.  Notes accompany.


2187  VS ED  Southern Pacific's Joaquin Route Circa 1950 Catenary, '01 55 An in-depth study of one of SP's major north-south arteries in the post-WW II decade.  Steam and diesel, freight and passenger, 16 mm color film of SP trains at Lathrop, Bakersfield, Tehachapi Loop, 1952 earthquake damage, and more.


2188  CD   Atlanta: Diesels Down South Cassidy, Daniel G., '94  CSX and NS activity around Atlanta -- Howels Junction and East Point, videotaped in summer 1992.  Sharp image quality and good color.  Added feature: four Georgia shortlines.


2189  MR   A Lionel Christmas TM Books '95 55 A great mix of stories, toy train action, and beautiful Christmas music that will help you relive those magical Christmas mornings when there were Lionel trains under the tree.  Very enjoyable!


2190  HO   Emperor of the North Twentieth Century Fox '73 120 Well-staged action melodrama set in 1933, starring Ernest Borgnine and Lee Marvin.  Hobos battle a conductor determined to keep them off his train.  Fast-paced and full of railroad action.


2191  CD   F Tower, Fostoria OH/Berea Tower Lehman 240 CSX and NS action at two busy Ohio interlockings.  The date is March 1996, and the traffic is heavy.  Keith's Trains nos. 49 & 50, two cassettes renting as one unit.  Data sheet accompanies.


2192  CD   District 4 -- Current Trains on the Old Boston & Maine Pike, Jacob 120 East Deerfield Yard, West Greenfield, Hoosac Tunnel and other locations are featured.  Sharp image quality, good sound, minimum narration, whole trains are shown in most sequences.


2193  CD   Trains Around Muncie, IN Lehman 240 Filmed March-June 1996 at various locations around Muncie, IN.  Norfolk Southern and Conrail trains with a wide variety of motive power.  Notes accompany.  Keith's Trains nos. 51/52, two cassettes renting as one unit.


2194  CD MS  Durand Railroad Days/Prairie Steam Special Lehman 240 May 1996, Durand, MI Railroad Days with Pere Marquette #1225 and assorted diesels, Tuscola & Saginaw Bay locos, etc.; Kentucky Central #11 trip, Paris KY to Maysville KY, 10-9-93.  Two cassettes renting as one unit.


2195  CD ED  American Railroad Collection, Vol. 1 Pentrex '02 95 Four training and promotional films from the 70's: MO-PAC Delivers (Missouri-Pacific, 1975), Portrait of a Railroad (BN, 1973), Switches, Hand Brakes, and You (C&NW, 1974), and TLC (Tender Loving Care) (CN Rail, 1978).  Color, narrated.


2196  CD   Pittsburgh Mainlines Pentrex '01 136 Subtitled "Heavy Action Around the Iron City" this tape really delivers the goods: CSX, Conrail, Amtrak and the industrial hauling Union Railroad, even freight barges on the local rivers all contribute to a long and satisfying show.


2197  MS   1522 Galloping through Texas Pentrex '01 70 A great photographic record of the BNSF's Employee Appreciation Special, eight days of thrilling steam action as this mighty Mountain type locomotive conquered the hills of Texas at track speed, generating plenty of stack talk.


2198  VS VP TR The 60's - Passenger, Steam, Electrics Green Frog '01 60 Roger M. Koenig's photography of railroading around Chicago in the 1960's: Rock Island, Wabash, Illinois Central, Santa Fe, Grand Trunk, B&O, Chicago & Northwestern, Pennsy, and C&O.  There are also scenes of GTW #6218 in winter excursion service.  (Currently missing)


2199  MS   Test Run of the #2472 Pearson Prod. 57 Ex-SP #2472 is a P-8 Class Pacific that had not been run for 5 years because of a burned out main driver bearing.  After overhaul, this venerable engine was tested between San Francisco and San Jose, reaching a speed of 79 mph with no problems.


2200  MS   Revenue Run of #2472 Pearson Prod. 53 #2472 goes out on the Caltrain main with a train of happy passengers and proves that she can still do what she was designed to do.  Good pictures and great stack talk here.


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A Word To The Wise: Railroad videos are not all created equal. You should not expect the same production values from an amateur tape as you would from a major producer such as Pentrex or Green Frog. That said, bear in mind that the amateur tapes, despite their flaws, often cover subjects that the Big Guys missed, and can be very enjoyable.

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