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Early Diesels

CATALOG NUMBER is given first, followed by SUBJECT CODE, TITLE, PRODUCER, RUN TIME(if known), and DESCRIPTION. Order by catalog number. Some entries are incomplete; eventually I'll write all the descriptions.

1636 ED VS 60th Anniv Celebr Lancaster Chap NRHS 120

1831 ED/RO RO VS A Better Way For The Santa Fe/Flight Of The Century/Whistle In The Night Marathon '97 ? Three railroad promo films. 'Better Way' showcases the construction of a new 44-mile railroad line on the SF west of Williams.

1624 ED All Aboard Series, Vol. 1 (SF, PRR) Pentrex '98 60

1728 ED All Aboard Series, Vol. IV Green Frog '98 120

1731 ED CD All Aboard Series, Vol. VII Pentrex 120 Florida East Coast, NASA Railroad, Early Diesels of St. Louis, Railroads of Atlanta

490 ED B&M Memories, Vol. 2 B&MRRHS 75

1349 ED VP B&M Memories, Vol. 4 B&MRRHS 90

805 ED B&M Memories: The Films Of Dana D. Goodwin B&MRRHS '91

1451 ED Batten Kill Railroad Searles '94 ?

465 ED Before The Hyphen Revelation 90

1772 ED CD Best of the Midwest, Vol. II Pentrex '99 97 Locations in SD, NE, MN, IA, IL, and WI. UP, BNSF

905 ED VS Best of the West Morrison-Knudson/Pentrex 30 This is a promotional film, circa 1954, extolling the Union Pacific and MK's association with it. After ten minutes of grandiloquent bombast, the film settles down to a solid depiction of MK's construction of the new Sherman Hill line. Big steam!

784 ED Big Train, The/Freight By Flexivan Chicory 42

447 ED Burlington Northern E-8 Diesels Railroad Video Prod. 60

588 ED Burlington Northern E-Units Pentrex 60

1146 ED California's Baldwin Diesels Pentrex '93 60

1290 ED CD Cape Cod Railroad Essex 60

253 ED Centuries Of The North Woods East End 90 A study of the Chicago & NorthWestem's Alco Century 628s. Watch the 6700's operating on C&NW's Lake Shore Division, and learn about their maintenance and performance characteristics from the men who work on them.

1546 ED Classic Chicago Railroading Pentrex 84

1104 ED VS VP Classic Railroad Archives, Vol. 3 Railroad Video 60

289 ED VS Collectors' Series, Vol. 1 Hopewell 48 Contains three NYC promotional films: "Within the Oval", 1948: "Three Giant Steps", 1957: and "Freight by Flexivan", 1957. Plenty of action scenes of NYC steam and early diesel power.

1424 ED Conrail's Beginning Clear Block 100

256 ED Continental Divide: Winter's Journey Wild Rose 60 - Shot in the spectacular Canadian Rockies during winter, this video features the last days of VIA Rail's veteran FP9 diesels and introduces you to the new FP40PH-2.

1701 ED CSX F's Greg Scholl 60 CSX's last four F-units are featured in this program, with locations in Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Shot in 1987-1988.

64 ED Dateline: D&H Binghamton NY Hopewell '81 49 Alco and GE diesels reign supreme in this contemporary study of the Delaware and Hudson. We focus on railroad operations out of Binghamton NY where tough operating problems require clever solutions Real nitty-gritty railroading.

2047 ED DDA40X, Giants Of The High Iron Gandy Dancer '99 60 An in-depth historical documentary on the 47 units of the 6900 Class Centennials. These 98-ft. long monsters generated 6600 hp and could reach speeds of 90 mph. Extremely interesting program full of good images and information.

925 ED Desert Dinosaurs: The Trona Baldwins East End 69

2077 ED CD Detroit, Toledo & Ironton, The, Vol. 1 Green Frog '88 60 1. Henry Ford's railroad in the 1920's and his building of the DT&I 2. Emery Gulash's 16 mm color photography from the 1960's, with first and second generation diesels. 3. Steve Neff's DT&I films from the '80s, the merger with the Grand Trunk.

1338 ED Diesel Diaries, Vol. 4 Trackside 60

577 ED CD Diesels on the Southern Tier JMJ 62

332 ED Diesels On The Union Pacific WB Video 60 UP freight trains on the Sherman Hill line from Cheyenne & the western approach from Colores, Tie Siding and Dale Junctions. Big 6900 Centennial action galore in this action-filled program.

1740 ED DT&I, Vol. II Green Frog '88 45

2019 ED Duluth Missabe & Iron Range Vol. 1 The High Hood Era Plets Express 73 Features clssic high nose SD9's in their original paint schemes on the DM&IR. Great fare for fans of this high-tonnage ore hauler on Lake Superior.

1608 ED Early Baldwin Diesels on the Southern Pacific Pentrex '96 25

511 ED Early Diesels Greg Scholl 90

1786 ED Early Diesels, Vol. 5 Green Frog 60 Scenes from previous Green Frog releases

167 ED Empire On Parade/From The Car Window Burlington Northern Tape 1 60 Promo film about Great Northern freight service in the mid-50's. Some good railroading sequences amid the hyperbole and gasconade. 'Car Window' is a 15 minute 1930 promo on 'The Empire Builder'.

1591 ED Erie-Lackawanna Vol. II Mark I '97 30

1746 ED Feather River Canyon E9s Pentrex '96 45

80 ED First Generation Diesels; A Search For The Survivors Kalmbach 50 Old color footage plus 1980s views:EMD, Alco, Baldwin, Lima, FM

1964 ED Flangers, Spreaders, & Steam Rotary Snowplows Pentrex '99 30 Rare footage of snowfighting opperations on Donner Pass, filmed in the 1950s. Also PA's are rescued at Yuba Pass after being snowbound with the 'City Of San Francisco'.

1397 ED CD Ft. Worth & Texas Area Rail Action Bledsoe 60+

1744 ED GP-9s of the Georgia Northeastern Green Frog '89 75 Old geeps on steep grades, great audio

85 ED Green Mountain Railroad Kenson 70 Travel up the old Rutland Railroad, from Bellows Falls up W. Holly in the cab of an old GP9. Winter scenery, deep cuts & high trestles add interest. Kenson's best selling video.

1344 ED Jersey Diesels: The U-Boats Mark I 120

630 ED T Jersey! Festival Of Garden State Railroading Revelation 60 PRR, Reading, B&O and a wide variety of early diesels at various locations 1967 - 1983. Live sound, narration. Long missing from our collection, this title now returns!

197 ED L&NW - The F Units Trackside 40 - A fine show dedicated to L&NW's two vintage F-units. We go along as they make up their train in McNeil AR and head south. Runbys, pacing and cab rides will keep your interest up until the final frame.

625 ED Lackawanna Diesels, Freight & Passenger Power Mark I, 1988 30

1571 ED CD Last Train From Bridgewater Rusty Frog 111

407 ED Lightning Sripers, The Sunday River ? The beginning of the diesel era on the NYC. Variety is the keynote many different types of early diesel, plus good coverage of the name passenger trains. Color, narrated.

297 ED Lively World Of The Great Northern Burlington Northern 37 This 1960's film takes a last look at the old Great Northern, a typical promo flick. Also on this cassette, "Alaska" (B&W, silent, 1930's), the Northern Pacific's "North Coast Limited" and the Alaska Railroad.

972 ED McCloud River Railroad Pentrex '93 35

457 ED VS Memories Of The B&O Railroad Video Prod. 60

331 ED Memories Of The CNJ, B&O, & Reading Mark I '87 30

327 ED Memories Of The Erie Railroad Mark I 30 Fine vintage film (1958-61) of first generation diesels (FT, F3, F7, Alco PA, EMD #8s, etc.) on the Erie Mainline from Jersey City to Starrucca. Commuter and freight, stations, and a good variety of fondly remembered paint schemes.

627 ED Memories of the Lehigh Valley Railroad Mark I, 1988 30

867 ED TR CR Memories of the New Haven Railroad Mark I 30

1975 ED VP Memories of the Susquehanna Mark I 30 Susquehanna Railroad passenger trains in the last fifties and early sixties, Alcos and RDC's, Edgewater Yard, Little Ferry Shops, freight action and more. Valuable vintage film.

548 ED TR VS Memories Vol 3 - PRR & Lehigh Valley Railroads Hawk Mountain RHS/Railroad Video Prod. '90 42

1140 ED Memories Vol. 2 Hawk Mountain RHS 59

2014 ED Memories, Vol. 5 BMRHS 60 A look at the Erie and the Lackawanna, pre-merger before 1960 and after the merger as Erie Lackawanna, Early diesels, fan trips, commuter trains, Moonda Viaduct, and other interesting subjects.

1576 ED Michigan Fast Freight Green Frog 60

479 ED Middletown & Hummelstown Fan Excursion GOG Prod. 35

492 ED Milepost 100 Santa Fe Railway 1968 Interurban 27

1691 ED Milwaukee Rd., Vol 3 R. Pearson 120

306 ED VP Mr. Dodds Goes To Colorado/Transcontinental Railroad Burlington Northern 37 "Mr. Dodds" is possibly the hokiest promo film to come out of the 50's -- a travelogue aboard the Denver Zephyr and the Pike's Peak cog railway.

1569 ED New England Memories 1978-80 Rail Graphics 65

107 ED New Haven Main Line Crestline 30 Heavy action on the 4-track main! A wide variety of power -- box cab electrics, FAs, Alco road switchers, FL9s and other early diesels -- gives us our money's worth in this interesting if somewhat faded film. Shot in the 50s and 60s.

639 ED New Haven Railroad in the 1950s, The Greg Scholl 60

484 ED CD Norfolk Southern Durnwald, E. 45

792 ED Northeast Railroading In The 1950's Crestline

1425 ED CD Panhandle, Vol. 4 Clear Block 60

756 ED VS TR Pennsylvania Collection Rail Pass Video/Interurban '89 69 "ProgressOn Rails", "Wheels Of Steel", "Opening A New Frontier", "Clear Track Ahead"

615 ED MS Port of San Francisco RR/Labor Day Meet At Illinois RR Museum Pearson Productions 60 Jack visits a little transfer railroad operating with two old RS1 switchers, then shifts to Illinois, with Shay #5 and Frisco 2-10-0 #1630 in action. Filmed in 1989, two cassettes.

1586 ED Portola RR Museum - Mighty Diesels Video Ed '94 60

397 ED Rail Trek, Vol. 1, East Revelation 105 "New England States", Study in Downgrading, "Adirondack", Press Run, NH Berkshire, Pittsburgh, Kenova, Marion, Birmingham, Rush Hour Redefined, Smoky Diesel Award.

399 ED CD Rail Trek, Vol. 2, Midwest Revelation 90 40 different railroads, St Louis Union, Chicago, Joliet - nonstop action from the 196Os and 1970s.

408 ED CD Rail Trek, Vol. 3 - West Revelation 102 A wide-ranging sampler of Western US and Canadian railroading. 1960s through 1980s. UP, SP, VIA, BCRail, CN, Milwaukee Road and much more. Interesting and fast paced.

1629 ED CP Railfanning Central California Pearson '98 42

1126 ED CD MS Railroad Video Quarterly, V. 2, #1 2-93 Revelation 120

850 ED RO Railroading With The Rio Grande Morrison-Knudson/Pentrex 22 This early 1960s promotional film focuses on the construction of the new Potash Branch in Utah (which M-K built). We see lots of earth moving activity and heavy construction equipment, not so many trains. Grandiose music and narration.

1791 ED Rails In Transition, Vol. 1, The 1960s Green Frog '86 60 MOPAC, GM&O, PRR, Frisco

1792 ED Rails In Transition, Vol. 2 - The 60s and Early 70s Green Frog '92 40 C&NW, C&O, B&O, etc.

1310 ED Rock Island Railroad Green Frog 60

1669 ED Santa Fe Vintage Diesels Pentrex 50

1403 ED Santa Fe: The Diesel Locomotive Pentrex 25

525 ED VS Snow On The Run Interurban 20

985 ED CP Sonoma Traintown RR/Napa Valley Wine Train Pearson Prod. 60

790 ED Southern Green FP-7's Trainland Video 50

1646 ED VP Southern Pacific - The Missing Yrs Chas. Smiley 70

1575 ED CD Southern Pacific by the Bay: A Thiry Year Look Chas. Smiley 90

1771 ED CD Southern Pacific Sunset Salute Chas Smiley 105 Colton Yard, Imperial Valley, Beaumont Hill, with SD40s, SD45s, and tunnel motors

1617 ED SP's Geeps and Cadillacs Pentrex '96 52

1796 ED St. Louis Sojourn Green Frog '95 60 Emery Gulash 16mm photography, 1968

696 ED VS Standard Railroad Of The World, The Interurban 60

364 ED VP Super Chief, The Pentrex 15 Travel at its finest over the Santa Fe Railway from Chicago to Los Angles. F-units in Warbonnet attire enliven the magnificent landscapes.

352 ED This Is My Railroad - Diesel Version Pentrex 30 A 1950's update of SP's famous "This is My Railroad" film. E-units and Alco PA action in Daylight colors in passenger service, with F-units pulling freight.

1892 ED Those Incredible Alcos, Vol. 1: Diesel Dinosaur Delights Pentrex '98 117 Pentrex opens this series with the early years, showing Alcos in chronological order -- HH660, S-1, S-2, S-3 and S-4, RS-1, RSD-1. Then we move to the model 244 engines, RS-2, RSC-2, RS-3, and RSD-5, and some Alco PA's.

1893 ED Those Incredible Alcos, Vol. 2: Notch-Nosed Wonders Pentrex '98 116 Early 251-powered engines introduced between 1955 and 1962, from their beginnings to the introduction of the Century line. Pentrex travelled the United States to find working examples for this video series.

1894 ED Those Incredible Alcos, Vol. 3: Sleek Century Behemoths Pentrex '98 117 This volume covers the 251-powered locomotives that were the last group produced by Alco, and Pentrex found numerous examples still working in various locations throughout North America.

1085 ED Tioga Central Railroad Trackside Reflections 40

1843 ED Trains Of The Iowa Interstate Plets Express '99 106 The Iowa Interstate is a large Midwest Regional Railroad that covers 470 miles over former Rock Island trackage from Chicago to Council Bluffs. It uses GP-7, GP-8, GP-9, GP-10, GP-16, and GP-38 diesels, plus other early diesels.

834 ED Trouble At Troublesome, The Gandy Dancer '92 22 1950's vintage training film about wreck clearance

1547 ED CD U-Boat Survivors Pentrex '95 120

804 ED Union Pacific Turbines of the Wasatch Video Rails '92 60

1244 ED Union Pacific's Elegant E-9s Pentrex 35

1889 ED Union Pacific's Mighty Turbines UP Museum Collection/Pentrex '98 46 The whole turbine story is presented here, including 1930s experiments and all three production models, as well as UP's coal burning turbine in 1962. GE promo "The Steam-Electric Arrives" (1938) also included.

176 ED UP 8600s: The Centennials Video Rails 45 A study of these giant 6600 hp diesels that deserves repeated viewing. Lots of information and visual variety in this tape, with cab shots, runbys, pacing, and background information.

1722 ED Vignettes of the B&O, Vol. 4 Clear Block 52

2129 ED Vignettes of the Jersey Central, Vol. 2 Clear Block '97 56 Scenes filmed in the 1960s show Reading and B&O trains as well as Jersey Ventral at Jersey City, Communipaw, Elizabethport, Elizabeth, Aldine, Cranford, Plainfield, Middlesex, and Bound Brook. Many early diesels are portrayed.

1720 ED VS Vignettes of the Lehigh Valley, V. 2 Clear Block 45

2093 ED Vignettes of the Missouri Pacific Clear Block '94 53 Recalls the Eastern End of the system from Chicago to St. Louis and Kansas City, from the mid fifties until 1981. Footage in the St. Louis area and Kansas City includes some neighboring roads.

1647 ED VS Vintage Rails, Vol. 5 JMJ '95 63

1024 ED VP Wabash, The Green Frog 60

771 ED Western Maryland Scenic Railroad Pentrex '91 30

971 ED Western Maryland Scenic Railroad Green Frog 30

250 ED Western Maryland, End Of An Era Green Frog 70 In the mid-70's, Emory Gulash captures the F7's and Geeps of the WM before that railroad was swallowed up into the Chessie System. Shot in the mountains of West Virginia, with synchronized stereo sound added.

585 ED Wheels of Progress/Big Trains Rolling AAR 45

1814 ED Wine Train - Ride Through The Napa Valley Wine Country Pearson, R 36 Experience the luxury of this famous dinner train with roving train photographer Jack Pearson.

1962 ED RO Workin' On The Santa Fe Pentrex '00 90 Six Santa Fe training films from the 50s and 70s: Team Effort, Count The Seconds, Continuing Challenge, Barstow: Nerve Center In The Desert, Pay Day, and The Argentine Yard. Classic scenes of 50s railroading.

916 ED Years of Memories in Slides Zeitler 120

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