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Railroad Video Rentals from Clear Signal Video - Web Site under reconstruction

Contemporary Diesel

CATALOG NUMBER is given first, followed by SUBJECT CODE, TITLE, PRODUCER, RUN TIME(if known), and DESCRIPTION. Some entries are incomplete; eventually I'll write all the descriptions.

749 CD "1218" On Black Mountain Trainland Video 53

1711 CD CR 1989 Diesel Action/Raitt Hill Pushers Cab Ride R. Smith (A) ?

1458 CD CP 1990-92 Railfan Highlites, V. 1, South Alabama K. Kanne(A) 120

748 CD 88 Annual Review Trainland Video 60

392 CD 995 Days Pentrex 29 Union Pacific, Rock Island, ATSF and Wabash. Like the above, only more so.

661 CD Aberdeen & Rockfish Railroad Heritage 47

1764 CD Above Southern California Rails Pentrex '99 42 Shot from a jet helicopter. Amtrak, BNSF

953 CD Across Donner Summit Pentrex 120

2043 CD Across The Heartland: Santa Fe's Chillicothe Subdivision Pentrex '96 84 Fast paced action on the double-tracked Santa Fe main between Chicago and the Mississippi River. Warbonnets are shown to best advantage against scenic backdrops that will have you rewinding for a second look. Many different locations.

1224 CD Action on the Canada Southern Eric's Railfan Video 60

1858 CD Action On The Donner Pass Mainline Pearson, R. 60 Amtrak and freight trains at Floriston, Hershdale Road, Newcastle, Roseville, and other points. Many shots of #8651, a big C&NW GE.

12 CD Alaska Railroad Pentrex 90 All aspects of this interesting and scenic railroad are covered in Pentrex's usual superlative style. See F-units in regular service and ride in the cab, plus freights, gravel trains and more. Production quality excellent.

1783 CD ED Alcos in the Corn Belt Plets Express 100 Old Alcos in Indiana and Illinois. With data sheet

1291 CD ED Alcos in the Highlands Rail Innovations 55

738 CD CP Algoma Central Autumn Adventure Revelation '91 60

1835 CD Alleghenies - Norfolk Southern Moves In Train-'N' Prod., '99 66 Shot in August 1999, this program shows the ex-Conrail line just a few months after the NS takeover, from Cresson, PA east to Juniata.

1752 CD Along the Feather River Highball '98 120 UP's former WP mainline between Oroville & Portola

1127 CD CP MS America By Rail, Vol. 1, The Heartland Countertop Video 120

1687 CD Amtrak Action at Emeryville, CA; Colmas Yard and Station R. Pearson 43

2052 CD Amtrak's Northeast Corridor TRAINS on Location 60 AEM-7 and E60 engines pull high speed Amtrak trains on one of America's busiest railroad corridors. Computerized operations combined with old-fashioned towers keep the trains roaring past on very short headways.

1333 CD An East Coast Album Cassidy 100

1597 CD Appalachian Conquest Trains Magazine 60

931 CD Arizona's Shortline Railroads Pentrex 100

294 CD Arkansas & Missouri Railroad Pentrex 60 Excellently filmed and edited study of this small railroad and its well-kept Alco 420s. You'll meet the men who operate these locos and ride in the cabs, visit the shops and explore the grades and bridges of this interesting line.

495 CD Around The Curve And Over The Hill Neff 60

1429 CD Assault on Snow WB Video 62

1090 CD Bangor & Aroostook/Green Mountain Railroad Rail Graphics 60

448 CD Bangor & Aroostook/Green Mountain RR Rail Graphics 90

956 CD Battle For Donner Pass Video Rails 60

1619 CD BC Rail Highball '97 120

1682 CD BC Rail's North End Big "'E" Prod. 60

1227 CD Beaumont Hill Video Rails 90

984 CD Bellevue Ohio in 1993 Zeitler 105

810 CD Berea Interlocking Berkshire '90 60

25 CD MS Best of 1984 Pentrex 90 A variety of interesting features; a Speno rail grinder in action, Southern Pacific Olympic Special, outstanding footage of Santa Fe freight operations, including a sequence of rerailing a derailed boxcar. Quite a show; don't miss it!

26 CD MS Best of 1985 Pentrex 120 A fantastic smorgasbord of Pentrex's 1985 highlights. Tehachapi Loop, Barnum & Bailey Circus Train, SD60 demonstrators on the Santa Fe, and a lot more.

27 CD MS Best of 1986 Pentrex 120 - Diesel fans will be delighted by spectacular coverage of CN and CP freight operations, GP60 demonstrators, Donner Pass, the SF Needles Division, and more.

264 CD MS Best Of 1987 Pentrex 90 Features UP 8444 & 3985, N&W 1218 & 611, Fremont and Elkhorn Valley RR, SP Superbowl Special, C&NW, UP on Sherman Hill, New York & Susquehanna Western. A good show.

489 CD MS Best Of 1989 Pentrex 120

700 CD MS Best Of 1990 Pentrex 120

1086 CD TR ED Best of '91 - Vol. I NeverHomeBoy Video 60

1799 CD Best of CSX Green Frog '98 60 Highlights from Green Frog's eight volumes of CSX material

1841 CD Best Of Southern Pacific Vol. 2 Midwest Video Prod., '99 60 Pre-merger colors on SP; GP-60s, C44-9ws, AC4400CWs, in Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Indiana.

2072 CD Best Of The Midwest, The, Vol. III Pentrex '00 81 I&M Rail Link, Wisconsin Central, the old Rock Island "Spine Line", Illinois Central in Iowa, BNSF and CP on scenic bridges in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Great color video of contemporary railroading.

2063 CD Best Of The Midwest, Vol. 1 Pentrex '98 67 Class I and regional railroads both receive attention in this fast paced visit to Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakote and Minnesota. Nebraska & Northeastern, Sisseton Milbank, Kakota & Iowa, Nobles Rock, Kansas City Southern, & others are featured.

1732 CD Best of Union Pacific, Super Railroad Green Frog 60

538 CD VS Big Blue In The Alleghenies Revelation 66

1420 CD Big Sandy - CSXT & NS Broken Knuckle 60

607 CD Birth Of A Locomotive Rail Innovations 38 Follow the complete production cycle of the F69PH at London, Ontario. From the
design stage to the first revenue run, this shows the whole process of construction.

1150 CD Blue Island Crossing Revisited Pearson 55

802 CD Blue Mountains, The, Volume III: Winter In The Blues Video Rails '91 60

532 CD Blue Mountains, Vol. 1 Video Rails 60

530 CD BN Chicago Division Viking 120

1878 CD BNSF '96 Santa Fe Chillicothe Sub Vol. 2 MVP '96 90 Locations include Houlihan's Curve, Edelstein Hill, Dalinda, Galesburg, Cameron and Ft. Madison, IA, and 90% of the power is still in Santa Fe paint. Lots of action.

237 CD Boston & Maine, Vol. 1 - West End B&MRRHS 60 Freight action 1985-87, Many different views of BM, D&H and MEC power, with accompanying reference sheet giving details and dates. Quality fair to good.

1588 CD ED Bridge Line Division: CP Rail's D&H Highball '94 120

1827 CD Burlington Northern At Springfield Missouri Big "E" Prod. '95 109 24 hours of solid action at this very busy spot, where several important BN lines meet. Filmed in fall 1994.

1595 CD CP Burlington Northern's Chicago Racetrack Trains Magazine 60

1750 CD Burlington Northern's Funnel Pentrex '97 80

699 CD Burlington Northern's Marias Pass Greg Scholl 35

760 CD C&NW At Elmhurst/Argo Crossing/SOO Line BensenvilleYard Pearson, R. '89 50

1259 CD CA Northern RR & SP Action Pearson 32

964 CD Cajon II Railroading In The 90's Video Rails 45

420 CD Cajon Pass - Gateway To Los Angeles Video Rails 60 Watch SF, SP and UP challenge the brutal grades of Cajon Pass, one of America's most awesome railroading locations.

188 CD Cajon Pass/Tehachapi Loop Pentrex 120 Pentrex crews turn their cameras on one of the country's most active and scenic railroad locations, and the results are spectacular.

34 CD California Diesels JMJ 46 Taped at some of the best train-watching points in California, this video features Santa Fe, Southern Pacific, Union Pacific and Amtrak motors doing their thing -- Cajon Pass, Soledad Canyon and Feather River Canyon scenes make this show a standout!

674 CD ED California Railfan, The Pearson, R (A) 120

1389 CD MS California Railroads in Various Northern CA Locations Pearson 52

1390 CD California Railroads in Various Southern CA Locations Pearson 120

926 CD California Rotary Action Pentrex 45

1585 CD CP Caltrain Action/Stockton Tower/South San Francisco/Martinez Pearson 95

1225 CD Canada's Canyon Route Greg Scholl 57

467 CD CR Canyon Dawn: Cab and Caboose Revelation 90

1596 CD CP Cascade Crossing Trains Magazine 60

1152 CD Central Mississippi River Railroads Pearson 60

1250 CD Chasing After Burlington Northern Prairie Rails 120

570 CD Chicago 1989 Pearson 90

526 CD Chicago Crossings, Pt. 2 Pearson, R. 60

1534 CD Chicago Hot Spots Neff '89 60

1785 CD MR Christmas Trains Pentrex '96 68 Many different Christmas Railroas Events, nationwide

2131 CD Cincinnati Union Terminal Keith's Trains #68 120 CSX and NS action, mainly switiching arounf the C.U.T. Yard. We see container cranes loading and unloading cars, switchers making up trains, trains moving in and out of the yard, etc.

1820 CD/CP CP Clear Signal On The Mainline, Vol. 1, 1998-1999 Clear Signal Video '99 110 Clear Signal Video introduces Jack Pearson and his friend Ken to Sand Patch Grade and other CSX vantage points, and checks out fast Amtrak trains on the Northeast Corridor. Beautiful weather, fall 1999.

1121 CD CN's Yellowhead Pass Greg Scholl '92 45

1314 CD Coal Story American Altavista ?

886 CD Colorado Railroads/Georgetown Loop Pearson Productions 60

1514 CD Conrail - Boston & Albany: Albany to Russell Searles 60

766 CD Conrail 1990: Northeast PA Norm Weiler '90 120

1564 CD Conrail Along the Mohawk Big "E" Prod. 65

565 CD Conrail Fast Freights - Juniata Rails Neff 60

544 CD Conrail Fast Freights - The River Line Railroad Video Prod. 60

1402 CD Conrail Hot Spots East Pentrex 120

1236 CD Conrail in Indiana Wukovits(A) 120

1120 CD Conrail on the Boston & Albany Highball '90 ?

1220 CD Conrail Tape #1, 1990-1991 Davidson (A) 120

1229 CD Conrail Tape #3 Davidson (A) 120

1269 CD CP Conrail Tape #4, 1993-94 Davidson (A) 120

1395 CD Conrail Tape #6 Davidson (A) 120

1270 CD CP Conrail Tape #6, 1994-95 Davidson (A) 120

1474 CD Conrail Tape #7, 1996 R. Davidson 120

1515 CD Conrail Through the Alleghenies: Johnstown to Altoona Searles 93

1598 CD CP Conrail's Chicago Gateway Trains Magazine 60

1675 CD Conrail's Chicago Line, V. 3, Buffalo to Berea Highball '97 90

1246 CD Conrail's Chicago Line, Vol. 1 Highball 120

1247 CD Conrail's Chicago Line, Vol. 2 Highball 120

619 CD Conrail's Juniata Shops Nelson, Kurt(A) 43

966 CD Conrail's Mountain Main Lines Broken Knuckle '93 115 Professionally filmed heavy freight action at South Fork, Gallitzin, and Horseshoe Curve in Pennsylvania, and then on the old Boston and Albany Line in the Berkshires. A good long evening's train watching here.

1106 CD Conrail's Reading Rails, Pt. 2 Railroad Video Prod. '94 60 currently missing

922 CD Conrail's River Line Highball 105

2020 CD Conrail's SD 80 MACs Rail Graphics 70 See and hear Conrail's giant AC units when they were new. Filmed at various locations in Massachusetts in 1996.

1512 CD Conway Scenic RR/Crawford Ntch Lejonhud(A) 98

731 CD Corbin Division Vol. I, Corbin KY to Knoxville IN Trainland

1741 CD Countdown to Merger - Santa Fe's Marcelline Subdivision Pentrex '96 85 SF action between Ft. Madison, IA and Kansas City

1209 CD Crawford Hill Pt. 1 Neff 60

764 CD Crawford Hill, Pt. 2 Neff Video '92 60

370 CD CP CSX - Harpers Ferry Clear Signal Video 55 Amateur production recording the colorful motive power of CSX, formerly Chessie System, on the east end of the Cumberland Division. 1987-88. Fast paced with narration.

1566 CD CSX - The Corbin C.C. Subdivision G. Train Video Productions 80

1807 CD CSX - The KD Subdivision G. Train Video Productions 90 160 miles of mainline railroading from Etowah, TN to Corbin, KY, with lots of good mountain scenery & locations including Greenback, Lake City, Chaska helper pocket, Solway Tunnels, Vaspar, and Morley.

1789 CD CSX - The S&NA North Subdivision G. Train Video '95 90 202 miles of former L&N mainline. AL/TN

1217 CD CP CSX Action Shots WV/MD 1995 Clear Signal Video 38

1573 CD CSX Hot Shots RR Video 60

992 CD CSX in Western Pennsylvania Neff '89 60

1896 CD CSX Midwest Hub, Vol. 1 Midwest Video Productions, '99 70 Bedford Park Intermodal Terminal, the Belt Railway of Chicago, Blue Island Crossing, St. Anne, Porter Junction, Ogden Dunes, State Line Crossing, Gary Pine Jct., Burns Harbor, Hohman Crossing.

1898 CD CSX Midwest Hub, Vol. 2 Midwest Video Productions, '99 60 CSX operations on Northern Illinois, 1998 and 1999. Barr Yard at Dolton Crossing, Chicago Heights, Watseka, Woodland Junction.

1985 CD CSX On The Chicago Line, Selkirk To Buffalo Highball '99 105 A post-merger look at the former NYC 4-track main between Albany & Buffalo, in August 1999. CSX, Conrail, leased units, and more.

1094 CD CSX Southern West Virginia Coal Pentrex 90

1394 CD CSX Tape #1, Cumberland, MD Davidson (A) 120

2101 CD CSX Vol. 12, Pennsylvania Western Maryland Fall Spectacular Green Frog '00 60 Fall color at Cumberland, Corriganville, Mance, Foley, Glencoe, Fall Cut Tunnel, Glade City, Sand Patch, and other famous train watching locations, all filmed with a high quality digital camera.

2102 CD CSX Vol. 13, The Big Sandy Green Frog '00 70 Eastern Kentucky coal action filmed in high quality digital color. Martin, Shelby, Paintsville, are visited, then we ride the helpers over the mountains into Virginia. Great scenery, tunnels, and heavy freight action.

1415 CD CSX Vol. 4, Louisville - Cincinnati Green Frog 60

2100 CD CSX Vol. 7, Jacksonville - Plant City, FL Green Frog '97 60 Coverage of an industrial area of Florida, where phosphate production predominates. Contrasts this with the famous "Juice Train", where the goal is to get perishable cargo to market as fast as possible. Heavy trains in rolling terrain, lots of action.

2050 CD CSX, Vol. 2, Chattanooga To Nashville Green Frog '94 60 This program offers exciting coverage of CSX's Chattanooga Subdivision through Cowan Tunnel, across Cumberland Mountain, and across Nickajack Lake. Cab rides and yard action are included.

2051 CD CSX, Vol. 6, Pittsburgh To Willard, OH Green Frog '97 60 Rail operations in Pittsburgh, Rochester, and New Castle, PA; plus Youngstown, Ravenna, Kent, and other Ohio locations. A great video with stereo digital audio.

2053 CD CSX, Vol. 9, Willard To Deshler, Ohio Green Frog '98` 60 Coverage of the addition of a new main, an expansion to the yard at Willard, installation of new track and new signals, servicing facilities, and more. Plus an interesting visit to a "hobo" stew party at Deshler.

1522 CD CSX, West End - Sand Patch Unattributed 120

1725 CD CSX's Alleghany Subdivision G. Train Video Productions 90

1473 CD CSXT Tape #2, Cumberland MD R. Davidson 120

1685 CD Day In Colfax/Davis Jct., A R. Pearson 40

722 CD Day On Soldier Summit Greg Scholl '91 30

767 CD Delaware And Hudson 1990 Norm Weiler '90 120

67 CD Denver & Rio Grande Western Pentrex 90 Mountain railroading from Salt Lake City to Denver and beyond. Front Range, Ski Train, etc.

1309 CD RO Detroit Edison Coal Trains Green Frog 90

70 CD Diesels On The Union Pacific - The Sequel WB Video 60 Union Pacifics DDa40x, U30c, etc., moving big trains out of Cheyenne and through Wyoming blizzards.

71 CD Diesels Roar on the Former Pennsy JMJ '85 60 Rockville Bridge, Gallitzen Tunnels, Horseshoe Curve

2029 CD DM&E Dakota Minnesota & Eastern Railroad Plets Express 101 A comprehensive look at this 917-mile regional railroad, former C&NW trackage, with many trains and a variety of motive power, with a 1994 system map and roster included. Plets Express does it right! Recommended.

1540 CD Donner Pass Icon Video 40

418 CD Donner Pass Video Rails 60 SP's main crosses the Sierra Nevada over 7,000 foot Donner Pass - 138 miles of 2.4% grade - with some of the fiercest snow conditions in the USA. See it all in this magnificent video.

1689 CD CP Donner Pass/Niles Jct. Revisited R. Pearson 44

885 CD Donner Pass/Roseville Yards Pearson Productions 80

1303 CD Doublestacks Over Tehachapi Pentrex 30

1568 CD Early Guilford, 1985 Rail Graphics 60

645 CD Eastern Kentucky Coal Pentrex 75

1336 CD Eastern Quebec Ore Lines, V. 1 Pentrex 80

1095 CD Eastern Quebec's Ore Lines, V. 2 Pentrex 80

1128 CD MS CP Eastern/Southern Railroading Menkelsounds '94 60

1004 CD Eight Hours at Cajon DeBlanc 120

426 CD Eight Hours At Hobart Dynamic 90 SP, UP and SF share center stage for a day of railfanning at this busy California crossing. Lots of trains.

1686 CD Elvis Tower and Tunnel 41 Area R. Pearson 53

1407 CD Erie-Lackawanna Legacy Revelation 210

1525 CD Etowah - Copperhill Loop Trackside ?

1683 CD Farewell to Conrail's Harrisburg Division, A Neff '96 50

1007 CD ED MS Fast Track, V. I, Issue 1 Schneider 90

873 CD ED MS Fast Track, Vol. 1, Issue 2 Schneider 60

938 CD MS Fast Track, Vol. 1, Issue 3 Schneider 60

951 CD Fast Track, Vol. 1, Issue 4 Schneider 60

1761 CD MS CR Feather River Canyon Video Classics 90 Williams Loop, Keddie Wye, Pulga, Tobin, cab ride

1543 CD Fight for Soldier Summit, The Highball '95 120

1753 CD Florida East Coast Green Frog '96 80

1235 CD CP Florida Railroads of the 1990s Cassidy 120

945 CD Former N&W, Norfolk Division 1985-1993 Menkelsounds 120

974 CD Fostoria Eco Works 45

1230 CD Fraser Canyon Route Wild Rose 60

606 CD Frisco 1522 Greg Scholl 70 4-8-2 #1522 is the only operating Mountain class locomotive in Ihe US. This program

provides comprehensive coverage of #1522's 1988 season.

2004 CD Frisco Freights Two TFI Video '95 88 CSX and NS, Frisco Yard, Clinch Mountain Tunnel, Natural Tunnel. Data sheet accompanies.

1817 CD From Conrail To CSX IN The Berkshires Broken Knuckle '99 120 Change in the scenic mountains of Western Massachussetts as Conrail gives way to CSX. Date, time, location, and train symbol given for each train.

1440 CD Golden Horseshoe: Foreign Power Invades Canada Green Frog '94 60

1966 CD Great American Circus And Show Trains Pentrex '99 105 A long, loving look at the Circus World Museum's Circus Train and the James E. Strates Carnival, which travels the Eastern U.S. aboard a 61-car train. Equipement handling methods are shown in detail. Intering and nostalgic.

780 CD MS Great Western Railway Yampa Valley Mail Prod. 80

1034 CD Green Bay Route Pentrex '92 72 (Missing from the collection)

860 CD ED VS Green Frog Previews, Vol. 3 Green Frog 115

383 CD Greg Scholl Previews Greg Scholl 20 A look at scenes from 15 of Greg Scholl's excellently produced programs.

1091 CD Guilford - Ayer, MA, etc. Rail Graphica 60

335 CD Guilford On The B&M Highball 120 Most of Guilford's diesel lineup appears in this lingering look at freight and commuter moves. No narration.

1570 CD Guilford Video Quarterly Sum. '95 Rail Graphics 86

1477 CD Guilford Video Quarterly, Fall '94 Rail Graphics 68

1635 CD Guilford Video Quarterly, Fall '95 Rail Graphics 96

1476 CD Guilford Video Quarterly, Sum. '94 Rail graphics 65

1634 CD Guilford Video Quarterly, Winter-Spring 1995 Rail Graphics 58

739 CD H&NE Switcher Vol. 1 Trainland 90

740 CD H&NE Switcher Vol. II Trainland 90

1677 CD Highball Across the Mohave Highball '97 90

1680 CD Highball Over Silver Zone Highball '96 120

1237 CD Highlands Revisited 1993 Pearson 25

1438 CD Hill at Beaumont Pass, The Essex '92 90

454 CD Horseshoe Curve Pentrex 75

622 CD Horseshoe Curve Nelson, Kurt (A) 80

396 CD Horseshoe Curve Kaleidoscope Revelation 90 PRR, Penn Central & Conrail freight, Pennsy varnish and Amtrak take turns in the limelight in this record of transition on Horseshoe Curve.

1276 CD Horseshoe Curve, Conrail's Mt. Railroad Kalmbach 60

1726 CD CP Horseshoe Curve/B&O Museum R. Pearson 90

2106 CD Hot Rails Through The Twin Cities Pentrex '98 105 A long and interesting look at the eight different railroads, plus Amtrak, that keep Minneapolis St. Paul hopping. There's even a glimpse of steam (#261 on an excursion), and Minnesota Commercial shows off its old Alcos and EMD diesels.

1840 CD Hot Spot Argo Illinois Midwest Video Prod., '99 60 IHB, BNSF, CP Rail/SOO, CN/GTW, SP, UP, CSX, WC, and Amtrak, 1995-99. Variety of heralds and lots of trains.

1836 CD Hot Spot Blue Island Crossing Midwest Video Prod. '99 60 Busy Chicago location where CSX/IHB and CN cross. Plenty of action, 1997 and 1999.

1804 CD Hotspot - Chicago Heights, IL Midwest Video Productions '99 90 UP, CSX, transfers from EJ&E, GTW at one of Chicago's busiest interchanges, where UP's Chicago Subdivision crosses the Elgin Joliet and Eastern.

1450 CD Housatonic RR NX12, Pittsfield to Canaan Searles '94 38

284 CD VS Hudson River Railroading Chicory 45 A pleasant overview of railroad operations, past and present, up and down the Hudson. Good mixture of modern diesel, vintage steam, interviews with old-timers and views from the trains.

2002 CD Illinois Central & Southern TFI Video 99 Data sheet lists UP, CSX, NS, IC, SP, and BN at such locations as Galesburg, Villa Grove, St. Elmo, Lake Shelbyville, Effingham, etc.

673 CD Illinois Hot Spots Green Frog 60

2001 CD Illinois Rails 1995-1996 TFI Video 90 BNSF, CSX, UP, etc. With locations, road numbers and train types listed in the notes.

1114 CD Imperial Valley Sugar Beet Trains Video Rails 60

1271 CD Into the Allegheny Range, V. II Pentrex 80

1369 CD Into the Allegheny Range, Vol. 1 Pentrex 180

1370 CD Into the Allegheny Range,. Vol. 2 Pentrex 210

1158 CD Iowa RRs/CSX at Jenison, MI Pearson 60 (2 cassettes)

2055 CD Joint Line, The Pentrex '95 87 Watch Southern Pacific, Santa Fe, and BN moving coal, freight and passenger trains between Denver and Pueblo, CO. This enjoyable tape shows Castle Rock, Palmer Lake, and other scenic points along this heavily traveled right-of-way.

1652 CD Kansas City Contemporary TFI Video '95 74

1790 CD Kansas City Rails Pentrex '99 98 All seven railroads in Kansas City, 1996-97

688 CD Kansas City Southern (CU) Pentrex 80

1655 CD Keith's Trains #1 Lehman(A) 120

1664 CD Keith's Trains #10 Lehman(A) 120

1692 CD Keith's Trains #11 Lehman (A) 120

1693 CD MS Keith's Trains #12 Lehman (A) 120

1694 CD Keith's Trains #13 Lehman (A) 120 For Nos. 14 and 15, see CSVR 1523 and 1524

1523 CD Keith's Trains #14 Lehman 120

1524 CD Keith's Trains #15 Lehman 120

1695 CD Keith's Trains #16 Lehman (A) 120

1696 CD Keith's Trains #17 Lehman (A) 120

1697 CD Keith's Trains #18 Lehman (A) 120

1656 CD Keith's Trains #2 Lehman(A) 120

1657 CD Keith's Trains #3 Lehman(A) 120

1505 CD Keith's Trains #33 Lehman 120

1658 CD Keith's Trains #4 Lehman(A) 120

1506 CD Keith's Trains #46 Lehman 120

1659 CD Keith's Trains #5 Lehman(A) 120

1660 CD Keith's Trains #6 Lehman(A) 120

1661 CD Keith's Trains #7 Lehman(A) 120

1662 CD Keith's Trains #8 Lehman(A) 120

1663 CD Keith's Trains #9 Lehman(A) 120

2103 CD Keith's Trains No. 67 Lehman '98 120 July 1998, Winston Place, Cincinnati, OH -- CSX, CR, I&O & Triple Crown trains. Data sheet accompanies.

2104 CD Keith's Trains No. 77 Lehman '00 120 Deshler, Ohio; Toledo/Cincinnati; Baltimore/Chicago Junction. Heavy duty CSX action filmed in March and April 2000. Data sheet accompanies.

1733 CD MS Keith's Trains, #19 Lehman (A) 120

1734 CD Keith's Trains, #21 Lehman (A) 120 Keith's Trains #20 is No. 1386 in Clear Signal's catalog

1735 CD Keith's Trains, #22 Lehman (A) 120 Oct. '92 to Feb. '93, mostly around Muncie, IN

1736 CD Keith's Trains, #23 Lehman (A) '93 120

1737 CD Keith's Trains, #24 Lehman (A) '93 120

1738 CD Keith's Trains, #25 Lehman (A) '93 120 CR, NS, CSX, Muncie, Williamsburg, Royleston, New Castle, IN

1850 CD Keith's Trains, No. 26 Lehman '93 120 Conrail and NS action in Indiana, May and June 1993. Muncie, Winchester, Richmond, New Castle, and Greens Fork.

1851 CD Keith's Trains, No. 27 Lehman '93 120 Conrail and Norfolk Southern at various spots around Muncie, Indiana. Data sheet accompanies with locations and diesel models.

1852 CD Keith's Trains, No. 29 Lehman 120 Conrail action at Altoona, PA, Horseshoe Curve, Muncie, and Winchester, IN.

1853 CD Keith's Trains, No. 30 Lehman 120 Conrail and Norfolk Southern at Muncie, Richmond, and Winchester, IN. Data sheet with diesel models listed for each scene.

1854 CD Keith's Trains, No. 31 Lehman 120 CSX and NS scenes at Hamilton, OH. Stack trains, a sulphur train, Triple Crowns, locals, etc., with a representative selection of contemporary diesels.

1855 CD Keith's Trains, No. 32 Lehman 120 Conrail, CSX, and NS scenes at Winchester, Muncie, and Terre Haute, IN; and the CSX/NS junction at Hamilton, OH. Data sheet accompanies.

1386 CD Keith's Trains, Tape 20 Keith Lehman 120

1387 CD Keith's Trains, Tape 34 Keith Lehman 120

1590 CD Kenova/Catlettsburg Hotspot! Broken Knuckle 70

1684 CD LaGrange IL Revisited R. Pearson 30

1221 CD CP Long Island RR Hotspots RR Video 60

2035 CD MS Lots And Lots Of Trains, Vol. 2 Superior '98 30 Great music and live sound accompany 30 minutes of miscellaneous railroad scenes, a good show for the whole family.

774 CD LTV Mining Railroad Pentrex '91 60

864 CD Magnolia Cutoff of the CSX Green Frog 60

1265 CD Maine Gateway, Guilford's B&M Essex 70

1679 CD Marias Pass Highball '97 120

2030 CD Marion - Midwest Hotspot TFI Video '96 70 Norfolk Southern, CSX, and Conrail trains parade past the camera at this busy location. You'll see coal trains, mixed freights, TOFC and more.

1414 CD Marion - Train Watching Capitol of Ohio Green Frog 60

1280 CD Mass. Mainlines, Winter Essex 60

1216 CD McCook Crossing Revisited R. Pearson 60

471 CD ED Michigan Ore Lines Pentrex 60

468 CD Midway USA Revelation 98

2031 CD Midwest Action 1997 TFI Video '97 78 UP, BNSF, Amtrak, share the honors at Wibern IL, Hart MO, LaPlata MO, Rochelle IL, Watseka IL, Hannibal MO, Gorin MO, Creston IL, etc. Data sheet accompanies.

2005 CD Midwest Mix TFI Video '95 95 Conrail, UP, CSX, Amtrak, BN coal, and NS at locations in Indiana and Illinois. Data sheet with information on each scene accompanies.

393 CD RO Mile 63.5 - British Columbia Railway Pentrex 27 The story of the building of the Tumbler Ridge line, the only 50Kw electric line in North America. Part of the British Columbia Railway series.

320 CD Missouri, Kansas & Texas Pentrex 60 Recorded just before the takeover of MKT, this tape shows freight operations between Galveston & Kansas City. Pentrex caught a good cross section of motive power in this last memorable portrait of the KATY.

560 CD Mixed Bag 1990 Thompson (A) 60

1212 CD Mnline Tehachapi, Mohave-Bksfld M. Murray 120

1211 CD Mohave Desert Scenic Train Spots M. Murray 120

1986 CD Mojave Magic: BNSF'S Needles Sub Highball '99 120 Bright sunshine and long views of desert scenery bring out the best in BNSF's Needles Sub, as a large variety of motive power moves trains between Barstow and Neddles, California.

567 CD Monongahela Railway Green Frog 60

561 CD Montana Rail Link Video Rails 60

568 CD Montana Rail Link Pentrex 70

1251 CD More Chasing After Burl. Northern Prairie Rails 120

683 CD Mullan Pass Video Rails 60

672 CD NASA Railroad, The Green Frog 45

1507 CD Nevada State RR Museum/Colfax Work Train R. Pearson 47

1688 CD CP New 'E' Line/Cable Car Museum/ CP Coast Jcy. R. Pearson 44

1637 CD New England Central Highball '96 80

1301 CD RO New York Cross Harbor Railroad Hi-Iron 40

1621 CD Niles Junction R. Pearson '98 50

1116 CD Ninety Minutes To Norfolk unattributed (A) 90

1769 CD NORCAL's Special Fresno Photo Trip Pearson 47 Train 712 from Emeryville to Fresno

1971 CD Norfolk Southern Atlanta to Chattanooga Green Frog 60 From Atlanta's Inman Yard to DeButt's Yard in Chattanooga, take a tour of one of NS's lesser known mainlines. It's an up-and-down railroad, with one long mountain grade, and you'll see the latest motive power tackling it.

961 CD MS Norfolk Southern: Sept.-Oct. 1990 Menkelsounds 120

1718 CD CR Northeast Action Valhalla '93 57

2022 CD Northeast Rails 1995-1999 Broken Knuckle 120 Many changes in Northeast railroading occurred between 1995 and 1999. This program tours New England looking at some of the events of that period. Two full hours of great train watching.

1421 CD Northeastern Rails, 1991 - 1995 Broken Knuckle 120

481 CD NY, NJ, PA Tri-State Area, Vol. 2 Weiler, Norm 120

902 CD NY/NJ/PA Tri-state 1991, Vol. 1 Weiler, Norm 120

903 CD NY/NJ/PA Tri-state 1991, Vol. 2 Weiler, Norm 120

1594 CD Ohio Hot Spots, Pt. 1 Neff '90 60

494 CD Ohio Hot Spots, Pt. II Neff 60

1557 CD Old Reliable CSX Railroad, The Lstng Imprsns 50

1253 CD CR On the Rd Again, View from Cab 2 Tater Hollow 90

501 CD CP Operation Metra, Pt. 1 Viking 120

504 CD Operation METRA, The Freights Viking 80

259 CD Over, Under, Around and Through Lasting Impressions 35 Discover the ex-Clinchfield today, in big-time mountain railroading at its best. Includes a cab ride over CRR's loops!

1702 CD CP Palmer MA Hot Shots Railroad Video 60

382 CD Pentrex Preview Tapes 1 & 2 Pentrex 30 Two-volume set rents as a unit. See snippets from most of Pentrex's early tapes.

1273 CD MS Pentrex Previews, V. 4 Pentrex 105

1847 CD Pittsburgh Line Blues Pentrex '98 90 1998 coverage of Conrail's former Prr line between Altoona and Pittsburgh -- locations include Greensburg, Latrobe, Conpit Junction, MO Tower, Horseshoe Curve, Allegrippus, and Gallitzen Tunnels. A fitting farewell tribute to Conrail.

387 CD Plow Extras Greg Scholl 45 Snowplows slamming through deep drifts at high speed make one of railroading's most exciting sights. See for yourself. Recommended.

919 CD CP Porter, Indiana Zeitler 80

357 CD Portrait Of A Railroad/Western Coal Connection Burlington Northern 40 Promotional films of lasting value from BN's archives. "Portrait" is a picture of contemporary BN wheat operations. "Coal Connection" shows BN's expanding coal operations and unit trains.

1035 CD Powder River Coal Trains Pentrex 90 (Missing from the collection)

1810 CD Powder River Showdown TRAINS on Location '98 60 UP and BNSF haul coal trains on double and triple-track mains in Eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska. AC power proves itself here.

952 CD Quick Shots 2 American AltaVista 120

1275 CD Rail Action at LaGrange IL Pearson 60

968 CD Rail Freight Action 1991 Menkelsounds 120

1343 CD CP Railfanning in Ontario Steel Rail 58

1501 CD CP Railfanning Not-So-Well-Known Places of California R. Pearson 61

485 CD Railhead Video Productions Tape 9 RVP '85 114

1768 CD Railroad Power Review - 1998 Menkelsounds ?

800 CD Railroad USA Vol. II The River Wars Trainland Video

801 CD Railroad USA Vol. III MKT & KCS Trainland Video

887 CD Railroad USA, Vol. 4 - Junctions Trainland Video 120

921 CD CP Railroad Video Quarterly Vol. 2, #4 Revelation 120

1111 CD CP MS Railroad Video Quarterly, August 1994 Revelation 120

1306 CD MS Railroad Video Quarterly, Nov. '95 Revelation 120

1125 CD MS RO Railroad Video Quarterly, V. 1, #1 Revelation 90

1980 CD Railroading Hotspots Of Northern California Machines Of Iron '97 60 Binney Junction, Elvas Tower, Lathrop, Nile Junction, San Jose, Martinez, El Pinal, and Stockton Tower are visited in this nitty gritty railfan tape. BNSF, SP, and UP crossings make for some of the busiest train watching in America.

1979 CD Railroading Hotspots Of Southern California Machines Of Iron '97 60 Fast paced action at Burbank Junction, Hobart Tower, Redondo Junction, Colton Crossing, and Daggett, with emphasis on Amtrak, Metrolink, BNSF, SP, and UP.

983 CD Railroading in West Virginia Zeitler 87

401 CD Railroading In Western Pennsylvania Sechler 90 Worthwhile compilation of contemporary amateur film, with much CSX & some surprises. Lots of action.

583 CD Railroading in Western Pennsylvania Seip (A) 120 Amateur production features CSX, Monongahela, Conrail, Amtrak.

958 CD CP Railroading Through the Winter of 1993 Green Frog 60

1651 CD Railroading USA 1995/1996 TS Video 120

381 CD Railroads Of Northern Wisconsin & Upper Michigan Pearson, R. 45 Amateur video of high-tonnage iron ore operations, showing the Laona & Northern, Escanaba & Lake Superior(an SD-9), Lake Superior & Ishpeming Alcos, and the Rhinelander WI Museum.

458 CD Railroads Of St. Louis Hopewell 60

1845 CD/CP Railroads Of The Mid-Atlantic States Pearson, R. '99 120 Jack and his buddies catch the action at Sand Patch PA, Point of Rocks MD, Harpers Ferry WV, Halethorpe and Relay MD, and Shenandoah Junction WV. CSX, NS, Amtrak, MARC. Note: same subjects as video #1820.

1825 CD MS Railroads Of The Niagara Falls/Buffalo Area; NORCAL's Rail/River Steam Trip Pearson, R. 105 CN,CR, and Amtrak at Clifton Yard and Clifton Jct., and a trip with two different steam locomotives and a steam boat in California.

1824 CD Railroads Of The San Joaquin Valley Pearson, R. '94 55 SP at Stockton, CA and other locations.

1233 CD Railroads of VA, WV & MD Pearson 80

282 CD Rails '88, Tape No. 4 Jerry Gaida 120 Santa Fe & Union Pacific coal and grain movements in Kansas occupy center stage in this amateur video. Three dozen trains, three rail museums, and one spectacular scene of wreckage after a grain train derailment.

1599 CD CP Rails Around the Bay Area Trains Mag. 60

1113 CD ED Rails Canada Green Frog '87 25

2073 CD MS Rails Chicago - The Late 90's, Vol. 1 Green Frog 60 Roundout, Des Plaines, Rochelle, Bensenville, Franklin Park, Elmwood Park, Elmhurst, LaGrange, Highlands and Hinsdale are some of the locations visited in this tape. Includes helicopter footage.

1972 CD CP Rails Chicago '95 Green Frog 60 Blue Island, Elmhurst, Franklin Park, Homewood; operations of SOO Line, CSX, SF, EJ&E, BN, Amtrak, SP, UP, Metra, C&NW and Conrail.

1672 CD Rails New Orleans Green Frog 60

1092 CD Rails Northeast, Vol. 1 Highball 90

1837 CD Rails Of Central California Pearson, R. '99 60 Amateur videographer Pearson continues to document the railroading scene in California at Stockton, and pays a visit to the old Nevada C. Traction narrow gauge. Also scenes on Donner Pass.

783 CD Rails To Steel City Green Frog '89 70

2045 CD Rails To The Twin Ports Pentrex '00 114 A tour of the railroad facilities of Duluth, MN and Superior, WI, where six major railroads haul coal, grain, and taconite pellets for transhipment on the Great Lakes. This long and satisfying tape will be one of your favorites.

2015 CD Railviews On The C.F. R. Galt Subdivision 91 Heavy freight traffic on the C. P. R. Galt Subdivision between Milton and Galt, Ontario. The Swedish X200 is seen as well as other foreign power.

624 CD Railway Action, Martinez CA Pearson, R. (A) 38

1404 CD Rathole, The Pentrex 90

1368 CD Raton Pass, King Coal, etc. Pentrex 90

669 CD Raton Pass, Pt. II Gandy Dancer 90

1775 CD Return of Stampede Pass Machines of Iron 70 BNSF on 2% grades over the Cascades

1391 CD Revisit to "TO" Tower, Stocktn CA Pearson 41

134 CD Rio Grande Today, The WB Video 120 Modern Rio Grande diesels over the Moffat Tunnel Route. Multiple unit trains over Tennessee Pass in the summer, fall, and winter. Rio Grande's ski train with 1920 heavyweights hauled by SD40s & F9s, Rio Grande Zephyr F9-powered streamliner.

1279 CD Rivals, B&M, B&A, CV, The Ashpit Video 70

1283 CD River Wars: UP vs. Cotton Belt Andover Jct. 60

2117 CD RO Roadrailers, The Green Frog '98 30 Introduced by the C&O in 1955, the idea of truck trailers on flat cars has been developing ever since. This video focuses on the history of TOFC and shows Roadrailers all acress the eastern USA.

553 CD Roaming The Rails Of Western Pennsylvania Yough River 120

1978 CD Royal Gorge Route, The Machines Of Iron '97 82 Built by the Denver & Rio Grande between 1874 and 1887 as a narrow gauge railroad, later converted to standard gauge, the Tennessee Pass line through the Royal Gorge is one of America's outstanding pieces of railroad. See the whole story here.

1240 CD ED RR Video Quarterly, May 1994 Revelation 120

946 CD ED MS Rubber City Rails, Pt. 2, Akron 1990 Revelation 104

509 CD Saluda - America's Steepest Class 1 Grade Personal Video 60

139 CD San Francisco Commuter Action Pearson, R 60 Starting with FMs in 1960, we watch GP7s pulling old Harriman cars in 1961, catch glimpses of the Freedom Train with Daylight #4449 and the Royal Hudson in 1975. Then SP's commuter fleet takes the stage,

470 CD Sand Patch Grade Pentrex 60

1676 CD Santa Fe Across Arizona Highball '97 100

425 CD ED Santa Fe Salute Hopewell 60 Ride in the cabs of Warbonnet F-units at 90 mph; ride the "Super-C" from Los Angeles to Belen. Exciting contemporary video plus neat vintage film: a good show.

1010 CD Santa Fe Training Film Pentrex 33

949 CD Santa Fe, The New Mexico Way Viking 45

772 CD Santa Fe's Arizona Mainline Pentrex '91 80

849 CD Santa Fe's Mojave Mainline - The Needles Subdivision Pentrex '92 75 The Needles Subdivision, running from Needles to Barstow, CA, traverses some of the most barren desert to be found in the US. This is one of the busiest lines in the country, offering high density, big time railroading, and plenty of Warbonnet paint.

1553 CD Santa Fe's New Mexico Main: The Belen Cutoff WB Video '90 60

1383 CD Santa Fe's New Mexico Mainline, Vol. 1, The Clovis Subdivision Pentrex 90

1384 CD Santa Fe's New Mexico Mainline, Vol. 2, The Gallup Subdivision Pentrex 90

788 CD Santa Fe's Raton Route WB Video '91 112

1554 CD Santa Fe's Seligman Sub WB Video '89 60

57 CD SD40-2's In The Canadian Rockies Wild Rose 42 Heavy freight action, interesting narrative and knockout camera work make this a must for fans of present railroading. Clever use of telephoto lenses creates some images you'll want to view again and again.

1541 CD Shasta Route Icon Video 40

369 CD Shawmut Line, The Connemaugh 45 A closeup view of this little-known railroad in Western PA. Historic footage & contemporary scenes are skillfully combined, along with some caboose ride sequences.

1681 CD Sherman Highball '95 120

986 CD CP Shortline Specials Menkelsounds 120

1022 CD South Baltimore Highball 60

1563 CD Southern Pacific 1992 Update Big "E" Prod 65

1877 CD Southern Pacific Central Corridor - 1996 MVP '96 90 SP/DRGW, Glenwood Canyon, CO; SP trains on Santa Fe tracks including Edelstein Hill and the Mississippi River crossing. Over 50 trains in all.

1447 CD Southern Pacific in S.E. Arizona Highball '94 75

1539 CD CP Southern Pacific's Coast Line Icon Video 40

773 CD Southern Pacific's Shasta Division Pentrex '91 60

1238 CD CP Southern Railroading 1994 TS Video 120

706 CD Southern Tier Sampler Nelson Guild '90 120

1567 CD Southern Tier, Vol. 1 Trackside Reflections ?

1327 CD Southern Tier, Vol. 5 Trackside ?

434 CD SP - Barstow To Needles Horizon 40

437 CD SP - Cajon Sub Horizon 40

436 CD SP - Las Vegas Horizon 40

438 CD SP - Needles To Winslow Horizon 40

435 CD SP - The Hill Horizon 50

433 CD SP - Yuma Horizon 30 This tape and the five tapes which follow are well photographed records of SF, SP & UP freight movements in the south-western US, primarily southern California.

1260 CD SP in California, May 1994 Pearson 48

851 CD SP, UP, BN Freights: Summer 1991 Pearson Prod. '91 60

1313 CD Springfield Terminal Highball 115

1278 CD Springfield Terminal 1989 Rail Graphics 60

1969 CD SP's Central California Mainline Pentrex '96 73 A video visit to Southern Pacific's busy San Joaquin Subdivision, through the agricultural heartland of California's Central Valley. Fast freights, locals, coal drags and more keep the action hopping.

1226 CD CP SP's Santa Susana Pass Area L. Fols(A) ?

1405 CD Stormy, The Pentrex 90

2033 CD Streak Of Orange: The Tropicana Juice Train Distant Signal '98 47 The full story of the Tropicana Juice Train, accompanying one of its crews from Florida northward towards the New York market. Also has excursions along CSX's "S-Line" in Florida.

2107 CD Sunrise Sunset, Vol. 3, Cincinnati Pentrex '01 90 Contemporary action at this congested railroad hub features CSX, NS, Indiana & Ohio and Amtrak. 58 trains are seen with most of the filming done at Winton Place, where twelve routes come together. Tremendous variety is the keynote here.

2028 CD Sunrise Sunset, Volume 2: A Day At Rochelle, Illinois Pentrex 60 Rochelle is such a busy crossing (UP and BN/SF) that a pavillion has been erected to accommodate the thousands of railfans who congregate there. Pentrex spent a day there filming every train in an eleven hour period. Stereo.

1545 CD Sunrise/Sunset - A Day at Carbon Junction Pentrex '97 73

1749 CD Super Trains Pentrex 52

765 CD Susquehanna 1990 Norm Weiler '90 120 Mainline stack train action; switching the Limecrest industrial area, Sparta Junction, O. Winston Link's CP 4-6-0, Jersey Central Fall Foliage Ramble, ski trains, rail grinder, CP Rail locomotives on the Southern Division.

904 CD Susquehanna 1991 Weiler, Norm 120

2027 CD Susquehanna Along The Southern Tier Green Frog '00 60 An enjoyable overview of the operations of this famous railroad. Viaducts, semaphores, the Southern Tier, and more.

1367 CD Tehachapi Pentrex 80

419 CD Tehachapi Video Rails 60 One of the greatest engineering feats in American railroading. Witness Southern Pacific and Santa Fe climb 49 miles through 7,795 degrees of curvature on a 2.5% grade.

1210 CD Tehachapi Loop M. Murray 120

1274 CD Tehachapi Loop, 1994, V.2 Pearson 55

164 CD Tehachapi, Pt.1: The Santa Fe WB Video '86 57 Pacing a Santa Fe freight over the pass and out into the Mojave Desert, we get a good idea of the engineering skill that went into the construction of this railroad marvel.

165 CD MS Tehachapi, Pt.2: The Southern Pacific WB Video '86 52 Preserves the image of Tehachapi in the days when the SP had its own identity, but with glimpses of the new red and yellow paint scheme. A glimpse of #4449 as an added treat.

310 CD Tehachapi, Tonnage, and TOFC Hopewell 60 Enjoy this full hour of heavily powered SF & SP trains on the curves and grades of this unique piece of railroad. Long lashups and midtrain helpers provide a lot of interest for the diesel spotter.

1809 CD Tennessee Pass From Start To Finish Chas. Smiley '96 90 40000 HP trains with rear and midtrain helpers, 3% grades, taconite trains, history, scenery, & high intensity ralroading in Colorado.

1454 CD This is Clinchfield: CSX Hotshots, Erwin to Spartanburg American Altavista ?

1544 CD Thunder in the Wasatch Highball '95 120

1308 CD TO Tower, Stckton CA, Oct. '94 Pearson 30

1252 CD CP TO Tower, Stockton, CA Pearson 60

697 CD Today's Chicago Railroads (Currently Unavailable) Pentrex 120

1422 CD CP Today's Delaware & Hudson Broken Knuckle 100

2058 CD Today's EMD Diesels Trains '97 30 An overview of the diesel power at work on late '90s railroads: high-horsepower freight haulers, veteran all-purpose road units, high speed, high tech locos for passenger trains, and the ubiquitous switchers doing yard chores. Fast paced & informative.

1526 CD Today's Illinois Central, Vol. 1, North Pentrex 99

1965 CD Today's Illinois Central, Vol. 2, South Pentrex '96 99 Here's a detailed study of the southern half of the Illinois Central Railroad. Little known locations in Tennessee and Mississippi are featured, with quaint old stations in sleepy Southern towns. Plenty of heavy duty freight action, of course.

927 CD Today's Maine Railroads Pentrex 105

1839 CD/ED Today's Northwestern Pacific Pentrex '93 110 Filmed over a 3-year period in the early 1990's, this video gives us a look at contemporary operations on this venerable railroad. Old SD-9 diesels make their appearance, and daytime movements on the north end of the line are seen.

528 CD Today's St. Louis Railroads Pentrex 60

636 CD Toledo Rails Tagsold, D (A) 120

2085 CD CP Tonnage At Tuscola TFI Video '94 113 Lots of freight and Amtrak action at Tuscola and Watseka, IL. Doublestacks, TOFC, mixed freight and coal trains. Data sheet accompanies.

1510 CD Tower 55 Pentrex 48

1398 CD CP Trackside Action Across Ameri #1 Bledsoe 60+

1400 CD Trackside Action Across Ameri #3 Bledsoe 60+

1758 CD ED Trackside, Vol. 1 Highball '98 90 St. Lawrence & Atlantic, Mt. Washington Cog, Abo Canyon, Black River & Western, more

469 CD Tragedy At Cajon Pass Landmark 28

493 CD Train 110 Burlington Northern 35

1640 CD CP Train Watcher's Diary, Vol. 14 RR Video '93 60

814 CD Train Watcher's Diary, Vol. I Railroad Video Prod. '92 60

209 CD Trainchasing With R. Pearson, Vol. 1 Pearson, R. 110 - Four programs on one tape, Roaring Camp and Big Trees RR (Shays), Oregon Pacific and Eastern RR (an SW3 and a 2-8-2), Feather River Canyon where we follow a UP freight, and Southern Pacific action at Davis CA.

623 CD Trainin' With Iver "90" Jacobsen, Iver 60

723 CD Trainin' With Iver 91 Iver Jacobsen (A) 90

1961 CD Trains Along The Upper Mississippi, Vol. 1 Pentrex '99 107 Canadian Pacific's River Subdivision is featured, from River Junction, WI, to St. Paul, MN. Milwaukee Road, SOO Line, and CP diesels in various paint schemes predominate.

376 CD Trains Around Pittsburgh Cadwallader 30 Many different heralds & color schemes enliven this contemporary view of Western Pennsylvania railroading.

439 CD Trains In FX Horizon 30

1436 CD Trains of Algoma Country Plets Express 98

2021 CD Trains Of Northern New England 1997 160 All the regional RRs and larger shortlines operating in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine are shown here, including the New England Central, Iron Road's Bangor & Aroostook, and many more.

1816 CD Trains Of The East Bay/Stockton Revisited 1998 Pearson, R 52 Jack and Ken check out the new San Joaquin interchange at Stockton, and catch a few trains on the UP and the BNSF.

1838 CD Trains Of The High Plains Pentrex '98 57 BNSF and Union Pacific coal trains in eastern Wyoming, western South Dakota, and Nebraska. Big power is required on these heavy trains! Close to an hour of non-stop action.

2054 CD Trains Of Winter, The Plets Express '96 90 Winter action on twenty different railroads in Upper Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Ontario from 1989 to 1995. Numerous different diesels wearing many different heralds.

2016 CD Trains On Location - Cajon Pass Trains Magazine 60 Includes a good cab ride, trackside scenes at Sullivan's Curve, Blue Cut, Cajon Summit, and Frost, visit to the dispatcher's office, and plenty of hig speed heavy duty freight action.

677 CD TR CP Trainwatcher Four Deluz 80

1815 CD Tribute To Tennessee Pass Pentrex '97 100 Last months of operation on Union Pacific's Tennessee Pass Subdivision in Colorado. AC powered locomotives in long lashups drag heavy trains over 3% grade leading to the 10000 foot summit.

1266 CD U-boats on the Big G Rail Graphics 60

616 CD TR Uncommon Carrier Pentrex/BC Rail 21

2003 CD Union Pacific Galore 1997 TFI Video 108 Lots and Lots of union Pacific, as the title implies. If you have a UP roster handy it will help, since the data sheet gives the road number for each unit in every train you'll see here.

1561 CD Union Pacific on Cima Hill Big "E" Prod. 90

1678 CD Union Pacific on the Sunset Route Highball '98 120

1802 CD Union Pacific Super Railroad, Vol. 4 Green Frog '97 60 Oregon Short Line

1803 CD Union Pacific Super Railroad, Vol. 5 Green Frog '97 40 LaGrande Subdivision

2135 CD Union Pacific Super Railroad, Vol. 6 Green Frog '00 60 Arizona and western New Mexico, from Lordsburg NM to Tucson AZ and south to the Mexican border, UP heavy action across the Great American Desert. This well-narrated video tour gives a lot of railroad history and presents great visuals too.

2136 CD Union Pacific Super Railroad, Vol. 7 Green Frog '00 60 From Dunes CA east to the Colorado River, then back west through Ligurta, Welton, Dateland, Aztec, and Gila Bend, ending up in the Tucson area, our trip around the desert southwest features constant heavy diesel action.

798 CD Union Pacific Wyoming Division, Pt. II: Cheyenne-West Gandy Dancer '89 120

1703 CD Union Pacific's Caliente Sub Greg Scholl 60

1560 CD Union Pacific's Encina Hill Big "E" Prod. 65

2094 CD Union Pacific's Little Rock Sub Highball, '00 105 1999 scenes of the former MoPac Little Rock sub north from Texarkana to North Little Rock, plus other area of interest, with older power in evidence and one-direction running. Great photography.

2057 CD Union Pacific's Oregon Blues - The LaGrande Sub Highball '00 90 Follow the LaGrade Subdivision from Hinkle Yard to Huntington, through the Blue Mountains of Oregon, with great scenes of heavy freight action including the SD70M "Wings". Colorful and scenic program.

1587 CD Union Pacific's Salt Lake Route Highball '96 120

845 CD MS Union Pacific's Supercabs and Steam WB Video 88 On the trail of the new wide-cab EMD SD60Ms and GE Dash 8-40 CWs, WB's camera crew goes to Sherman hill and other points on UP's mainline. It is 1990, and UP excursion steamers 8444 and 3985 are making frequent moves.

1828 CD UP - SP River Wars I - Mississippi River Big "E" Prod. '95 105 Current action (1994) on Southern Pacific's share of the joint track south of St. Louis along the Mississippi River.

1829 CD UP - SP River Wars II - Missouri River Big "E" Prod. '95 65 More heavy duty freight action along the joint track west of St. Louis.

1673 CD UP - The Pocatello Subdivision G. Train Video 90

2042 CD UP Galore 2 TFI Video '95 112 A variety of Union Pacific freight trains in the Cheyenne, WY region & Sherman Hill. Data sheet accompanies.

2041 CD UP Galore '95 TFI Video '95 116 Scenes of Union Pacific action in Wyoming in 1995. A great variety of freight and MOW trains are filmed. Data sheet accompanies.

1131 CD UP Galore, V. 1, Tape 1 TFI Video '94 ?

1132 CD UP Galore, V. 1, Tape 2 TFI Video '94 84

1806 CD UP/CSX Joint Operation UP Chicago Sub Vol. 1 Midwest Video Productions '99 90 St. Anne, Watseka, Woodland junction are among the locations visited here, and the traffic never stops on these CSX and UP routes south out of Chicago.

1562 CD UP/SP Paired Track in Palisade Canyon Big "E" Prod. 65

928 CD ED VIA East/Maritime MLWs Revelation 120

1248 CD MS Video Rails Previews, Pts. I & II Video Rails 49

1533 CD Virginia, West VA & Maryland Pearson 49

1208 CD CP Visit to Cajon Pass M. Murray 120

1779 CD W&LE - The New Generation Revelation '92 70 The revived Wheeling and Lake Erie

2039 CD Watseka Weekend TFI Video '95 90 CSX, and Union Pacific trains at Watseka, IL in 1995. A full hour and a half of railroading, nearly forty trains. Data sheet accompanies.

2040 CD Watseka Weekend II TFI Video '96 80 UP and CSX trains at Watseka, IL. Doublestacks, TOFC, coil steel, and mixed trains are seen. Data sheet accompanies.

1555 CD Way West, The Green Frog '94 60

1556 CD Way West, Vol. 2, The Green Frog '94 60

705 CD VS Welch By N&W American Altavista '91

2000 CD Western Action 1995 TFI Video 102 BN and UP in beautiful scenery, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Montana locations. A very good show.

962 CD Winter Along the Upper Mississippi Pentrex 90

1984 CD Winter On Kicking Horse Pass Highball '97 90 Highball visits Candian Pacific's high passes across the Canadian Rockies in winter. Spectacular views of CP action on Kicking Horse Pass and other locations. An award-winning video.

899 CD Winter on the B&A Highball 120

1428 CD Wisconsin Central, 1995 Big "E" Prod. 80

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