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CATALOG NUMBER is given first, followed by SUBJECT CODE, TITLE, PRODUCER, RUN TIME(if known), and DESCRIPTION. Some entries are incomplete; eventually I'll write all the descriptions

1172 H A Air Power At Khe Sanh Brentwood 30

1950 H W America's Naval Power Popular Mechanics 60 Excellent coverage of the various classes of warships and naval weapons used to implement the activities of today's US navy -- the Arleigh Burke Class destroyer and the Aegis Combat System are featured.

1082 H Attack! The Battle of New Britain Viking Video/Frank Capra 58

1484 H Battle of Britain, The F. Capra 60

1186 H Battle Of China Viking Video Classics 67

1080 H Battle of Russia, The Viking Video 84

1188 H Black Fox Viking Video Classics 89 Biography of Hitler

2099 H Cassandra Crossing, The Avid Home Entertainment 132 Wow! A plague-infected terrorist exposes the passengers to fatal disease, leading to incredible events. Sophia Loren, Richard Harris, Martin Sheen, O.J. Simpson, Lee Strasburg. Hollywood thriller.

1181 H Crusade In The Pacific, Vol. 1 United American Video '89 ? Pearl Harbor, Aleutian Islands, Philippines, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, etc.

1064 H Desert Storm - 100 Hours To Victory Burbank Video 56

1079 H Desert Storm: The Air Assault Video Ordnance 50

1174 H Divide And Conquer Viking Video Classics 56 Documents Hitler's conquest of Western Europe

1957 H Eye Of The Third Reich IHF, Inc. 60 An interesting program about the life and work of Walter Frenz, personal photographer to Adolf Hitler. Features flim clips and the remarks of Frenz himself at age ninety.

1482 H Great Battle of the Volga/ D-Day, The True Glory Madacy Video 162

1919 H Great Battles of WW II, Vol. 1: The Battle of North Africa Marathon 56 A two-part presentation of the campaigns of North Africa, covering the destruction of the Nazi fleet in Oran, June 1940 and concluding with the bitter battle for El Alamein. With Rommel gone, Montgomery led the way to victory.

1920 H Great Battles of WW II, Vol. 6: The Battle of Manila; Fortress in the Sea Marathon 56 The invasion of the Philippines through the final liberation of the capital city of Manila; the recapture of Corregidor by General MacArthur's forces. Includes recollections of army nurses, paratroopers, and other participants.

1921 H Great Battles of WW II, Vol. 7: The Battle For New Guinea; The Battle For Midway Marathon 48 Two propaganda shorts from the WW II era. "New Guinea" uses a corny lecture from a drill sergeant as a vehicle for b&w combat films from the New Guinea campaign. "Midway" shows films of the Japanese attack on Midway Island.

1173 H Korean War, The Viking Video Classics '86 30

1084 H Marines At Tarawa/Return To Guam Viking Video 41

1176 H A Memphis Belle, The Viking Video Classics 42

1914 H Mighty Mo, Vol 1: The World At War Galloping Pictures Inc. 50 Through recent on-board interviews and never-seen-before footage, this video takes you from the ship's launching and commissioning to the end of WW II and the Japanese surrender aboard her decks on 9-2-45.

1915 H Mighty Mo, Vol. 2: Korean War, Gulf War Galloping Pictures Inc. 60 Grounding in the Chesapeake Bay, bombardment of North Korea, 1986 recommissioning, Desert Storm Tomahawks, Silkworm missile attacks, Farewell Cruise

1916 H Mighty Mo, Vol. 3: Insider's Tour of the Ship Galloping Pictures Inc. 45 Bow-to-stern inspection of this famous ship, visiting more than 25 stations, many of which are secured and off-limits during public tours.

1177 H Normandy Invasion, The Viking Video Classics 45

1486 H Operation Barbarossa New Star Vid. 50

1951 H Panama Canal, The Kaw Valley Films 32 An entertaining history of the isthmus of Panama from the Conquistadors to the present, with emphasis on the construction of the canal. Lots of visuals, touches on main points of history without burdening us with excessive detail.

1483 H Report from the Aleutians Burbank Video 47

1183 H Rivers, Sea & Air Brentwood 30 Vietnam combat footage

1366 H Schwartzkopf: How the War Was Won ABC News 70

1909 H Sea Power Pt I, Vol. 4: World War - Sea Power In The Pacific; The Pacific Theatre Columbia Entertainment Group 90 Sea Power in the Pacific: the role of American sea power in the Pacific during WW II: island hopping, the US strategy of amphibious landings by Nimitz and MacArthur

1906 H Sea Power Pt. I, Vol. 1: War Of Independence to War of 1812 Columbia Entertainment Group 40 American Sea Power: the importance of naval power in the development of America. 'War Of Independence 1776-1783: the role of America's navy in the Revolutionary War. War of 1812: John Paul Jones, Francis Scott Key, etc.

1907 H Sea Power Pt. I, Vol. 2: Global Navy - Civil & Spanish American Wars Columbia Entertainment Group 59 The Civil War: Naval blockade, clearing the Mississippi; and isolating the western part of the Confederacy. Invention of the Ironclad. The Spanish American War: the emergence of the two-ocean navy as a global power.

1908 H Sea Power Pt. I, Vol. 3: Naval Aviation - Birth of Naval Aviation, WW II The Sea War Columbia Entertainment Group 84 Birth of Naval Aviation: the first decades of the 20th Century, when aircraft carriers were a mere curiousity. World War II - The Sea War: the evolving story of naval strategy and engagement during World War II

1910 H Sea Power Pt. II, Vol. 1: WW II To The Gulf War Columbia Entertainment Group 40 During this period the range and power of naval weapons grew exponentially. See how the US Navy met the challenge of Soviet ballistic missiles while maintaining its ability to project force into local theatres.

1911 H Sea Power Pt. II, Vol. 2: Viet Nam Columbia Entertainment Group 100 Dixie Station and Yankee Station carrier task groups; the USS Independence launching strikes against North Viet Nam; attack carrier action in the Tonkin Gulf; follow a bombing mission over North Viet Nam; and a segment on the Skyraider.

1912 H Sea Power Pt. II, Vol. 3: Attack Carriers Columbia Entertainment Group 80 Two forty minute segments examining both the offensive and defensive capabilities of the carrier strike force. Excellent coverage of weapons systems.

1913 H Sea Power Pt. II, Vol. 4: Submarine Attack Columbia Entertainment Group 40 The history of the US Navy's antisubmarine efforts from WW I up to the present day, when long range submarines can launch nuclear missiles at our shores.

1924 H Seapower: Battleship; Carrier; Gunboat; Cruiser; Commando; Submarine; Destroyer BBC 109 Development of modern seapower traced through unique archival film plus scenes of modern navies at sea, filmed on board ships of the Rotal Navy and the United States Navy.

1053 H Spectacular Disasters CV 45 Hindenburg, Lusitania, Hiroshima & Nagasaki, San Francisco Earthquake, etc.

1354 H Stillwell Road, The Viking 51

1179 H Story Of A War (Iran-Iraq) Simitar 40

1081 H W Submarine Warfare: Now It Can Be Told Defense Dept. 53

1058 H Thunderbolt Viking Video 45 A famous WW II documentary with great cinematography, especially the shots over Italy against Nazi occupied areas.

1184 H True Glory: The War In Europe From D-Day To V-E Day Goodtimes Home Video '86 85

1189 H Victory At Sea, Vol. 1 NBC '52 120

1928 H Victory At Sea, Vol. 10: Beneath The Southern Cross, War In The South Atlantic Embassy 30 Allied and captured German film of Nazi subs resupplying in mid-Atlantic; a Japanese sub crew being feted in Germany; The Graf Spee Affair; Nazi sympathizers in Argentina; allied outpost in Trinidad; the German raider Atlantis destroyed by HMS Devonshire.

1929 H Victory At Sea, Vol. 14: Roman Renaissance: Sicily and the Italian Campaign Embassy 30 After the relatively easy conquest of Sicily, the Allies found the going much harder as they tried to evict the Germans from Italy. Stirring scenes of combat and destruction.

1930 H Victory At Sea, Vol. 16: Killers and the Killed: Victory In The Atlantic, 1943 - 1945 Embassy 30 German submarines terrorized the Atlantic and sank hundreds of allied ships in 1942. This program shows how the tide gradually turned, thanks to US and British innovations in antisubmarine warfare. Shows the capture of a German sub.

1931 H Victory At Sea, Vol. 20: Return Of The Allies: Liberation of the Philippines Embassy 30 Valuable scenes of the allied reoccupation of the Philippines; includes amphibious landings, kamikazes, naval shore bombardments, house to house fighting in Manila, heavy armor in action, and shots of Roosevelt, MacArthur, Nimitz, and others.

1932 H Victory At Sea, Vol. 22: The Fate Of Europe: Black Sea, South of France, Surrender Embassy 30 Russian forces retake Sevastapol; the Allies invade Southern France; Germany surrenders. Scenes of Nazi troops as prisoners of war; Yalta, celebrations in Paris.

1933 H Victory At Sea, Vol. 24: Tne Road To Mandalay: China, Burma, India and the Indian Ocean Embassy 30 China, Burma, India, and the Indian Ocean.

1934 H Victory At Sea, Vol. 25: Suicide For Glory: Okinawa Embassy 30 Kamikaze pilots against the U.S. Fleet in a desperate attempt to stave off the allied advance through the Pacific toward their homeland.

1935 H Victory At Sea, Vol. 26: Design For Peace: Surrender of Japan & Aftermath Of War Embassy 30 Pushed beyond endurance and stunned by the power of the atomic bomb, Japan capitulates on the deck of the USS Missouri. General MacArthur takes over as administrator of the conquered country. Dramatic and historic scenes.

1925 H Victory At Sea, Vol. 5: Mediterranean Mosaic: Gibraltar, Allied and Enemy Fleets, Malta Embassy 30 Scenes of Hitler and Mussolini planning strategy, views of the Italian and French Fleets and a segment on the Royal Navy; Gibraltar; the Malta Convoys; and raids on Malta.

1926 H Victory At Sea, Vol. 8: Mare Nostrum: Command of the Mediterranean 1940-1942 Embassy 30 After scenes of conflict in Greece and North Africa leading to the fall of Tobruk, the focus shifts to a brilliant sequence of naval combat footage with scenes of HMS Warspite and other vessels. Defeat of Rommel; ships transiting Suez Canal.

1927 H Victory At Sea, Vol. 9: Sea And Sand: Invasion of North Africa 1942 - 1943 Embassy 30 The Allies first campaign against the Nazis is documented: landings in North Africa, "Torch", Atlantic convoys, French resistance, Casablanca. Great images of armor, supply operations, and faces of the soldiers who took part.

1941 H Victory At Sea, Vol. VI, Gualadcanal Embassy 30 The allies' first land offensive against the Japanese, Guadalcanal was an attempt to stop the spread of the Japanese Empire in the Pacific. It turned into a nightmare of jungle and naval warfare, as shown in these unforgettable images.

1942 H Victory At Sea, Vol. VII, Rings Around Rabaul Embassy 30 As Allied strategy in the Pacific evolved, the concept of leapfrogging proved most effective in defeating the Japanese in the Solomons, but where resistance occurred it was bitter in the extreme. Great naval scenes highlight this program.

1943 H Victory At Sea, Vol. XI, Magnetic North: Murmansk, Alaska Embassy 30 Dramatic scenes of the Murmansk Convoys and the German ships and planes that sought to destroy them, then we see films of the forgotten campaigns in the Aleutians. Lots of stormy seas and bombing scenes in this segment.

1163 H A Vietnam Air Power In Action/U.S. Air Force In Vietnam Goodtimes Home Video '87 50

1187 H Vietnam River Rats Simitar 26

1057 H War Comes To America Burbank Video 66 Frank Capra. Shows the culture and values of America in the years preceeding WWII. Captured enemy film shows the cultures we opposed.

1078 H War In The Gulf Video Series: Desert Shield Simitar 52

1922 H World At War, The - Vol. 4: Alone - Britain May 1940 - June 1941 Thorn EMI Video 52 Nearly 350,000 Allied troops are dramatically rescued at Dunkirk. British morale plummets, but under the inspired leadership of Churchill the English nation resists until German attention turns to the Russian offensive.

1923 H World War II With Walter Cronkite: Burma Road and the Hump/Tarawa/Typhoon at Okinawa/Hiroshima CBS Video Library 95 An excellent documentary, mainly vintage film (Not Talking heads) well edited and produced.

1175 H World War II, Vol. 1 Viking Video Classics 50 Fall of Europe, the Philippines, Pearl Harbor, Churchill, etc.

1917 H World War II, Vol. 1: Prelude to War; The Nazi Strike; Divide & Conquer; Battle of Britain Frank Capra This and the next entry showcase the famous WW II films which Frank Capra made for the US Government, as a means of educating the US population about the course of its global conflict. B&W

1059 H World War II, Vol. 2 Viking Video 50 Battle for the Pacific; North African Campaign; Battle of New Guinea; Invasion of Sicily. B&W

1918 H World War II, Vol. 2: Battle of Russia; Battle of China; War Comes To America Frank Capra See above

1185 H World War II, Vol. 3 Viking Video Classics 50

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