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Railroad Video Rentals from Clear Signal Video - Web Site under reconstruction

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CLEAR SIGNAL VIDEO maintains a collection of mainly railroad-related VHS videos, now numbering well over 2000 titles. All videos are available for rental on a weekly basis.

HOW IT WORKS: If you'd like to try our service, look over the catalog listings on this site and email us your name and mailing address, along with a listing of the titles you'd like to rent (just list the catalog numbers). You are not required to request any specific number of rentals, and you can update your "request" list at any time. If you request a lot of tapes, that makes our job easy, but if you want to request only one tape, thats fine.

(Or, skip sending the list, and let us choose videos to send you on the subjects that interest you -- satisfaction guaranteed or no payment due!)

Needless to say, you can cancel at any time, for any reason. We'll send you one tape the first time, but you can rent up to four at a time thereafter. You may specify the interval at which you would like to receive shipments. (If no interval is specified, we send a new shipment upon receiving your returned videos.) In a matter of a couple weeks, youll receive your first rental shipment.

You may keep the videos one week from the date you receive them. Return them in the packaging provided, enclosing your payment for those rentals (advance payment is not required).

RENTAL FEES: one video - $7.25, 2 videos - $12.50, 3 videos - $17.00, 4 videos - $21.00. We send the shipments by US Postal Service Media Mail.  We pay postage out, you pay postage back. You can receive faster service by requesting Priority Mail (at rental rates of $7.75, $14.00, $19.00, and $23.50). If your videos are kept longer than one week, we do ask that you add $1.00 per day late fee to your payment (Honor System!).

Have any videos you're tired of? We accept most previously viewed railroad videos (producers originals only, preferably in original packaging) for credit toward rentals at a rate of three credit rentals per trade-in video. Before sending your tapes, check with us to be sure we can use them.

This is a simple and workable arrangement that has been working fine for hundreds of enthusiastic customers since we started business in 1987. The service is personally oriented, so if you put a note in with your returns, one of us will read it and respond. You can email us with questions or instructions 24/7 at clearsig@earthlink.net
This web page is not current and we apologize for that.  For a more up-to-date overview of Clear Signal's catalog and rental system, go to  http://david.hackley.googlepages.com/clearsignal

Every few months we publish an update to our catalog, listing all the new programs that have been added since the last update. Everyone in our database receives a copy, either by email, regular mail, or both.

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